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    Im thinking since I will have to upgrade my plan to an everything plan anyway...more money for sprint, I should be able to do an esn switch.
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    My upgrade date is messed up as well. I did get it noted on my account, but also went to a corp sprint store where i am going to buy to see if the notes were there. I think it matters most at the store the heck with what Cs says. Imagine camping out only to find no upgrade discount no MIR... I would be pissed. Anyway on the first attempt the notes were not there. From the store I called sprint to get it fixed. When i went back into the store they could see all of my past notes including the upgrade note that were not there before.

    Your right i cannot get the instant rebate from BB, but I can bill to account at Sprint.By the time the bill is due maybe my rebate will be here too.

    Don't count on that rebate it can take months and Sprint has a habit of messing it up. I got the Instinct in June and they sent half the rebate in October and after several disputes with Sprint the rest came in November. It takes at least 10-14 weeks and they won't process it until you've completed the 30 days.
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    i got my rebate for my treo 700p 4-6 weeks after i got the phone from sprint and it had the same conditions. no issues no ? asked.
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    OK well, I am in actual shock!!! After all the back and forth, I just got off the phone with telesales. They fixed my upgrade eligibility date in the system, and switched me to the everything data plan. I just looked online and it shows me as eligible now for the full upgrade and a Pre compatible plan!!
    I AM ALL SET TO GET MY PRE TOMORROW!!! WOOHOO!!! (now assuming I can find one in stock!!)
    I have never been so happy with Sprint before!! (Let's see how long it lasts!!)
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