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    I wonder if there is some kind of adjustment for this. I noticed that my pre was much brighter then my wife's last night while they were both on their touchstones and my brightness is all the way down. I don't get it???
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    Quote Originally Posted by reidme View Post
    I've tried the same thing in bright light and total darkness and mine doesn't change at all. Are you sure it wasn't the autodim that kicks in before the screen turns off when you don't touch anything for a while? If you touch the screen does the brightness increase again?

    Anybody else been able to confirm the behavior of the light sensor? Maybe mine's not working right.
    I just tested this by going into a dark bathroom and my screen darkened a little bit. It wasn't the autodim because the brightness didn't increase when I touched the screen. I keep the brightness slider at a little less than half.
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    I bet it doesn't change the brightness if your screen brightness is all the way down.
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    Mine is still set at the factory default and when i woke up early this AM it lit up the whole room.
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    I was wondering if the Pre had autodim. I always keep my brightness as low as it could go and it would never autodim. I'm going to try bumping up my brightness for a few days to see if I notice a difference.
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    Yes, the Pre has an ambient light sensor. Yes, it works. (Well, at least mine does...)

    The range of dimming is greater than you think it is. However, IMO, the amount of dimming is so well calibrated on this device that you don't notice it's working. The human eye has an incredible dynamic range - basically, it's impossible for someone to "eyeball" absolute light levels - our eyes adjust so that, for instance, a well-lit room looks similar to moderate sunlight outdoors.

    I was wondering the same thing (is this thing actually dimming?) so I used an optical power meter to measure absolute flux density (that's brightness) under sunlight and in the dark. I measured about a 30% difference at default brightness.

    The dimming response is slow, to further reduce the odds that the user will notice. This is just one of many slick design details that help make the WebOS experience "just work."
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    Bull Shait!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wodin View Post
    Bull Shait!
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    The bottom line is that the Pre DOES have the ambient light sensor and it DOES work for every one of you - however when it does work, it barely changes the brightness to the point where it is barely noticeable.

    I wish that we could adjust the minimum and maximum brightness (like on the Blackberry's). At night when it is dark, it is always too bright and I end up having to manually turn it down. During the day when it is sunny and I have sunglasses on, it is too dim and I end up having to turn it up.

    I wish that somebody could create an app to do this. I had the T-Mobile G1 and somebody created an ambient light sensor for that (which didn't even have built in sensors) which used the camera to detect the light and adjusted the screen accordingly (it worked great).
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