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    Is there a place for VPN settings?
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    Do MMS messages (pictures) come immediately down to the phone, or are you sent a url that must be opened in the web browser?
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    Does it play subscription music like Napster to Go or Rhapsody to go?
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    Awesome so far!

    Are memos backed up?

    Does any of the information in the Classic app get backed up?

    What information does the included program take from the old Palm sync software and bring into the Pre?

    Can information from an old Palm be imported/synced with the Classic App?

    ~ Brett
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    Does the pre auto resume a podcast from the spot were you stopped listening?
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    can you compose a sms with the virtual dial pad?
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    Can you demo the accelerometer outside of Web and Movies (assuming you have app loaded that take advantage of that functionality)? Just want to get an idea of how sensitive it is.
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    Have you coverd these apps yet. Can you tell if they work ok.
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    - Can "icons" or "widgets" be placed on the home screen?

    - What's the cost for apps in App Catalog?
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    Can you demo music stopping and starting when taking a call?
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    The palm user guide mentions that the Bluetooth profile supports both A2DP and AVRCP (play/pause/etc via bluetooth headphone controls, but no one has confirmed AVRCP. Does AVRCP work?
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    Can you uninstall apps and how?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Domali View Post
    I didn't see whether or not you answered this because I wasn't on right away, but does Slingplayer work in classic?

    he said no
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    Whats the word on video recording?
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    Is there a quicker way to quit an app other than hitting the button to go back to card view and "throwing" the card away?
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    Can you use a stylus?
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    Is there a Facebook App at launch?
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    is there a podcast app yet?
    rss reader?
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    Yeah, I don't understand, I am getting great ping, wtf is the lag all about?
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    Is there any way to set the phone to answer calls by sliding open the slider from a closed state, or end calls by sliding the phone closed from an open state?
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