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    Does the Pre have voicedial? Voicedial over bluetooth?
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    Who ever has the microphone the mic movement noise is drastically loud. Just FYI
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    Do you have to RE Buy applications for Classic?
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    Is there a passcode lock like the iPhone?
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    Can you perform an on demand PRL update?
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    what wifi and BT settings are there?
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    pREEscreen is MOSTLY too light to see on the video, can your cameraman adjust accordingly?
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    Is there any way to create a location based reminder. IE any time im near walgreens get band-aids or similar.
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    What sort of difference in speed in there EVDO vs. WIFI? What has your experience been?
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    Quote Originally Posted by markdb77 View Post
    Does PDAnet or USBmodem work in the emulator?
    +1 for this question. Can apps in Classic take advantage of the pre's connections? EVDO? Wifi?
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    Could you zoom in a little closer with the camera and adjust the contrast, we can't see a lot of the screen? The symbols display was completely washed out. The is a very useful broadcast but the image is virtually useless.
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    can you assign a speed dial to an onscreen dialpad number. not on the keyboard but on the screen.
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    does the keypad light up?
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    If you lock the device when it rings or you receive a text message does it show the details. If so is there a settings to prevent it from showing anything?
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    Can you tap on the screen or press the center button to wake it up, or does it have to be the power button?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ldog View Post
    If you have used the Motorola Q keyboard, how does the Pre keyboard compare to it? Is it better, worse, smaller keys, bigger keys?

    I'm coming from a Moto Q as well. I played with one of the non-functional demo units. The keys are less vertically sized and spaced about equal horizontally, but it seems easy enough to navigate. It's not worse but it's not a Bold keyboard, so YMMV.

    I'll know more soon - I was the guy with the curry video so I should be able to report on them side-by-side soon enough. :-D I'll let you know!
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    What version of firmware do you have 1.0.1 or .2?
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    if you see a string of numbers in an email or website, will webOS give you an option to try to dial it?
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    How is Sprint signal strength on the Pre relative to other Sprint phones?
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