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    What apps can you copy and paste between? Include from browser?
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    Hey Darth,if you can, please keep talking until you are finished with your thought rather than pausing to hear yourself. It might help a little with the general flow of the conversation.
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    Do YouTube videos pause if you are in card view? If not, can you sill hear the sound?
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    OGG Support out of the box?
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    Does the Pre have TETHERING ability ?
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    silly Q (I should have asked this ages ago) but does it have a gyroscope so you can play balance games like the iPhone etc?
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    Do files get embarrassed when they get unzipped?
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    Is there any way to find out what notifications are waiting for you besides turning the screen on? Like an LED or something?
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    Sorry guys, turned it down and I am going to ignore myself (it's hard, I am awesome).
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    When the phone is locked, a call comes in, do you have to unlock it to take the call?
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    Do the apps in the store cost anything yet? If so, how much?
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    Does PDAnet or USBmodem work in the emulator?
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    can you sideload your own media via wifi?
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    how much does sprint make a new customer pay for their deposit. Depending on how much it is, determines if I can get my Pre or not. Thanks for the help!
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    Dieter, can you zoom in a bit? You have lovely hands, but I'm more interested in the Pre!
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    Anybody got a charger that will charge the battery (an extra one) without having it in the phone? Seems needed based on battery life concerns that I have heard.

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    question re: screen accuracy? i used to do picture logic puzzles 25x30 on my Tapwave, i miss it on my iphone, 10x10 puzzles are very difficult on iphone...

    used to have digitizer correction app too...
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    I noticed Airplane Mode and Turn Off in the settings. Does this mean this is the first phone from Palm that you can actually fully turn off?
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    Does the music app have an equalizer?
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    Inquiring minds want to know...
    Will the Pre be your carry every day phone now?

    You did a terrific in depth review that blows every other sites reviews of the Pre out of the water, but I cant help but sense you seem a little disappointed in the Pre. Am i perceptive or just wrong?

    Thanks, K425
    P.S. What was the Official Launch Party like?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crowza View Post
    Do the apps in the store cost anything yet? If so, how much?
    Yes, how are the prices?
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