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    I guess not, I can't hear much due to the lag... so I need to keep stopping cause I hear myself.
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    can you play online radio .pls files or use the online radio through the website like kcrw?
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    It's 3:09, is the video feed working for anyone? All I'm seeing is the spinning circle of dots at the center of a black screen.
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    What's the word about tethering. Is there any app there that might be used at some point? I know originally Sprint mentioned they would have it and then withdrew it. Any clues on the phone if this is coming?
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    Hi Dieter,
    Can you tell if tethering will be possible either from Sprint or a third party app?
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    Hey PreCentral,
    Can you search within Calendar? Say for upcoming events. If not how do you import ones calendar into the palmOS emulator?
    Thanks.. you are the greatest!!
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    Can you stream video of or

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    Is it possible to use the CallRec with the classic app?
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    does the keypad light up?
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    Does the Sprint Navigation app do spoken directions, with street names?
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    Do the keys light up when its dark?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Synopsis View Post
    Hi Dieter,
    Can you tell if tethering will be possible either from Sprint or a third party app?
    And if not phone as modem/tethering feature (internet sharing like on the mogul via usb?)

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    My big concern is battery life. I have been struggling with the Treo800w since purchase, keeping it plugged in, carrying two extra batteries, etc, but its underpowered battery has really compromised the portability of the device and soured the experience. Is the Pre going to cause similar exasperation? Most reviewers have already complained about it...Treo800w battery saga redux? Is a third party extended battery a physical possibility?
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    If you have used the Motorola Q keyboard, how does the Pre keyboard compare to it? Is it better, worse, smaller keys, bigger keys?
    Oh and has Palm said anything about adding a sprint navigation link to universal search?
    Is there a Facebook app out yet?
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    Have you experienced any drop calls with the SPrint 3G network and the Pre

    Also "Darth Pooh" your mic is a tad bit too loud.

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    does it have voice dial?
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    Hoping you can get to my question waaaay up thread - does Classic maintain a persistent state between sessions? If you close the Classic card with an application open, next time you launch it, is the application still open?
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    Dieter, you need to turn up your mic. or have darth turn his down.
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    darth, your volume is very loud compared to dieter... any way to level that out?
    <IMG WIDTH="200" HEIGHT="50" SRC=> (ex)VisorCentral Discussion Moderator
    Do files get embarrassed when they get unzipped?
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    do you think it will support a media stream service?

    like orb?

    or Tv out if you side load movies?

    or sideload via wifi?
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