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    This might be a gimme, but I haven't seen any review or features list even mention it. There is all this talk about syncing with gmail/google calendar, exchange, etc, etc... Can I create local (Pre only) calendar events, or contacts without having to save them to "the cloud"?

    Also, meta-question: Will the video from this be available after the live showing? I'm at work and won't be able to watch all of it but would like to see the answer to this and the other questions posted here.

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    Thanks Dieter for all of your work, two questions...
    Alarms within the calander app... when setting up a new appointment, is there a default time before the event that the alarm will sound? How about reminders after the initial alarm? You know, similar to the Palm functionality a many of us are so familiar with?

    There is an application called KeyCaps I currently use for my Centro and have used for previous Palm branded devices. As you are probably aware this app. offers shortcuts such as the ability to get an upper case by holding the key and a double hit on a key gets you the other character on that key. Is there any similar functionality inherent in the Pre out of the box? I'm thinking we'll have to wait for an app. but I hope I'm wrong.
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    Dear Dieter,

    Q #1: Does the cloud backup (and restore) work even if you bought an unlocked model and use it on a network other than Sprint?

    Q #2: If you were to switch network carriers, say go from Sprint to X (or X to Sprint, or X to Y, neither X or Y is Sprint), does your data and your apps go with you, or does an initialization clean everything out? Does your backedup data also move with you to another network?
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    I was thinking you would be the surprise guest, I guess not. haha
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    If you have time , can you show us some of the new apps that will be in the catalog? I've seen Fandango and the music one. Not the GPS ones.
    Thanks! -Mick
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    Can you touch on tethering, is this something Sprint is holding back? Do you think there will be a work around?
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    Oh yeah how does the screen resist scratches?
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    oh, have you had any crashes of the phone?
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    Dieter/Pooh: is there Bluetooth PAN on the phone?
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    Is there a way to change the font size in apps such as email, memos, browser, or globally?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyusaku View Post
    I was thinking you would be the surprise guest, I guess not. haha
    Nope, not me! I thought it was going to be someone from Palm?
    I work(ed) for Palm.

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    I love listening to podcast on pockettunes. Do you think pockettunes will work in classic mode and if it does do you think you will have to re buy the program. And what about Kinoma. Do you think kinoma will work with classic?
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    If you get a text message and return to your phone later while it is on standby, is there an LED light or something to let you know you have an unread message?
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    How is the one handed use? That was one of the plus factors to the treos I've owned in the past.
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    Does it support Yahoo! Mail push? I know it supports gmail and activesync push, but one source says it supports yahoo mail push...
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    Darth Pooh, you need to turn down your speakers.
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    Major lag from Darth. He's not really contributing much that is constructive.
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    In iPhone, if you start a MSN app like Beejive in a Wifi connection, and then lock the screen, or even put it on background (for Jailbroke devices) and the go somewhere else outside Wifi coverage, the connection breaks.

    How does this work in Pre? Can you navigate between EVDO and Wifi while you messenger app is running and still be connected and receiving messagens ininterrupted?

    (Sorry about possible English mistakes made)

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    Need to zoom in more to the phone. Can't see it well.
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