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    I'll be here.

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    For the heck of it, I have the video broadcasting the history of Palm smartphones (not including visor, sadly). We start at 3!
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    Can the Pre handle any type of pod cast. I have read/learned that the Pre streams MP3's rather than download them via the browser. What I am instrested in is podcasts such as from Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte - . I download these weekly from my current phone (Q9C) and listen to them via bluetooth in my car. I fear that I won't be able to do this in the same way.

    Dieter, Can you positively tell me what happens when you go to that type of link?

    While this is not a deal breaker it certainly would be a step backwards for me.
    We wants it, we needs it. Must have the PREcious.
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    This is going to sound bad, but its an honest question.

    How strong is the vibrate feature. Are you able to cleary feel it when the phone is in your pocket. My Sprint Touch has a very weak vibrate.


    1. Is there any way to have a notification displayed when the screen is off. (LED like)
    2. In Calendar (Monthly View) can you set it to display a quick look of the days events as you scroll from day to day.
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    Dear Dieter,

    Despite all the reviews over the past couple of days and all the buzz prior to that, I've never had a clear answer on the following question: How do I sync Microsoft Outlook with the Pre? Is there a HotSync-like solution? Does the Palm account cater for a cloud-like solution (similar to Apple's MobileMe)? Or am I forced to sync Outlook to a Google account? I wouldn't really like that.

    Thanks in advance! :-)
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    - Can search results in Google Maps be added to the address book?

    - Would you swap in a centro battery on video so we can put and end to the debate about their compatibility?

    - Can the Pre's slider be used to answer and end calls? (IE: slide up to answer, down to end)

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    Any guesses as to the identity of Dieter's "Special Guest"??

    I'm thinking Dan Hesse, Jon &/or Rodger, or "Mr. Ski Mask" (PAALLLMMM!!!).

    I hope it's Rodger, because we may be able to pry some more sweet goodness outta him, if the legal dept. doesn't gag him.

    I want details about that alien technology!

    And I still want to know if anybody has found out if there is a Taxi!
    "Everybody Palm!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by duanedude1 View Post
    Any guesses as to the identity of Dieter's "Special Guest"??

    I'm thinking Dan Hesse, Jon &/or Rodger, or "Mr. Ski Mask" (PAALLLMMM!!!).
    no taxi yet

    Special guest is a forum member.
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    I have seen many discussions about how avi is a somehow a form of mpeg4 but I would like to know conclusively what my options are. I have lots of .avi movies for my Treo 700p

    will the pre play .avi files out of the box?

    I use MMplayer on my 700p. Will it run on classic?

    Is there a freeware file converter that I should look into?

    Preparing to stand in line in Columbus, IN
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    Can you please go thru the contacts syncing process with Facebook and Google. Does it let you choose a subset of users?
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    Ah... "yet" either means it's there and nobody has found it YET, or it may be in an update, like full Flash support?

    I have to hold onto the hope it will be there, or I can use the lack of the taxi as an excuse as to why the Pre is junk and Palm is Doomed to Epically fail! We've whined about other things before.
    "Everybody Palm!"

    Palm III/IIIC, Palm Vx, Verizon: Treo 650, Centro, Pre+.
    Leo killed my future Pre 3 & Opal, dagnabitt!
    Should I buy a Handspring Visor instead?
    Got a Pre2! "It eats iPhones for Breakfast"!
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    How many of the OS apps utilize the landscape feature? There was a lot of hype about the accelerometer turning every-which-way, but how useful is it if it's only for media and web browsing?

    I was definitely hoping I could view a 5 or 7 day work week in the calendar in landscape. I know it seems like a small issue, but a cramped calendar only gets worse in portrait. Same thing with email viewing and menus/apps listings. Maybe when a landscape keyboard is put in the OS they will do these things?
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    Since it's still quite quiet here, I'll put in another request: can you please show us the screen unlocking? I heard it's like dragging something into a half circle... but I can't really picture that. Demo would be great!
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    I'm interested in hearing about streaming audio applications available at or near launch. Pandora is already known, and I'm guessing Kinoma or Pocket Tunes would work through the Classic application. Any others at launch or in the near future?
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    Any idea whether SlingPlayer will work through the Classic emulator?
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    1) Can you test the speakerphone? Want to hear how loud it really is.
    2) Can you let us see how Tweed (Pre's Twitter client) looks like? And when left open will we get a notification of new tweets?
    3) When receiving a call, will sliding the phone up pick up the call?
    4) Is every application viewable in landscape? Specifically, email and messaging.
    5) Can you show us how notifications look like when phone is locked?
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    +1 for seeing what notifications look like when the phone is locked
    I work(ed) for Palm.

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    Hey Dieter, I'm at work and video sharing is blocked, so if you or someone else could reply to the thread I'll be able to see.

    Can you check out how manga pages work on OneManga and MangaFox? The iPhone can zoom in and out, then page through them normally. The reason I ask is that the pages advance when clicked on by a mouse or pressing left/right on a keyboard. I'm concerned that zooming/tapping might prematurely turn the page on the Pre, or if it even comes up and is navigable at all.
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    I'm just got out of high school yesterday for 2 1/2 months (summer break). Count me in!
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    I haven't notice anyone download pictures from the web directly to the phone is the possible?
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