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    does the gps telenav work at the same time with voice?
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    Is there a RSS reader? if so, does it download attachments?

    Thanks, you guys rock!!
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    What do you think needs to be improved first? Such as App support? Maybe tweaks to memory Managment. Etc.? Copy from Non-editable text?
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    And what abour voice memo like in the kyocera 7135?

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    Will garmin mobile XT work with the Pre? Have you tried any other GPS navigation programs?

    Last question. Is there a weather radar app that displays your GPS position relative to the weather?


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    What's the speakerphone and battery strength like?
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    In the messaging app, when sending a text message, is there still a 160 character limit?
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    I know you can conference two calls together, but can you hang up one of them while keeping the other active?

    (No sprint phones that I know of can do this and I hate it.)
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    How does speaker phone sound quality compare to Treo800W?
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    When doing initial sync from palm desktop, what info does it sync? Does it sync your txt msgs, your web browser favs? Or just contacts ?
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    Hey Dieter, I'm sorry if this has already been asked or discussed, but is the Pre keyboard larger than the Centro's? It looks like it is. Also, does the Pre's Synergy pull down all of your facebook friends' information (e.g. their AIM names, e-mail, phone numbers, birthdays?)

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    Sorry if this has been asked/answered already, either today or in the forums, but can you go into Contacts or Calendar while you're on a call with someone?

    Along the same lines, I don't think you can go on the web at the same time as a call - is that right?
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    BTW, you guys are doing an awesome job - thanks so much!!
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    Sorry if I already missed this, but can you sync Gmail without syncing the gmail contacts?
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    How do you remove an app?
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    Is there any File Manager? Or how do you browse the files in the storage memory?
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    can you use a treo 800 battery?

    also if you put facebook into sync does it do all the contacts? or just ones with numbers?
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    Can you use the battery from a Treo 800 even though Palm doesnt recommend it?
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    Can you search for songs within the MP3 player by artist or title?
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    I handle a GMB (Group Mailbox) at work. We have the typical Outlook EAS stuff. Any idea if I can keep a separate calendar which is associated with this GMB?

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