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    I apologize for the lateness and if it was discussed but I noticed that you had to reboot the pre earlier.. How long does it take to fully boot!
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    There are a few of us thinking of switching to Sprints Network from other 3G networks and handsets. Any real world concerns about the Sprint 3G network would be welcome.

    How is the speed compared to ATT 3G network
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    Have you had it crash a lot? Seemed like it wasn't anything too surprising to you??
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    Have you tested the centro battery with it?
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    Can you only load apps from the app store?
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    Have you heard anything about a yahoo update...I am a yahoo user and would love to use messanger and my yahoo email account
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    Darth, are you going to switch to the Pre?
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    how is the mic quality? any complaints from people you're calling?
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    Question: How do you uninstall apps?
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    Is the speaker phone duplex. ie can you talk the same time as other without getting cut out?

    Can u syn contacts fromn old palm desktop?
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    How does the phone handle notifications while the screen is off? Email, text, or anything else for that matter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by acterry View Post
    How is Sprint signal strength on the Pre relative to other Sprint phones?
    Thanks for answering my question! I made the mistake of buying a Touch Pro last fall ... and it's signal strength is horrible at home and work. My Treo 650 and 755p had no problems in the very same locations.
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    when a text message comes in does the screen light up if you pressed the sleep button like on the iphone
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    In week view is it possible to move an appointment from one day to another?
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    if the dial pad goes away during a phone call how do you get to your VM?
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    What information can be imported from an old Palm?

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    I'd like to see how internet radio streaming works in the browser, will you try or It's AAC+ 24kbps and so I also wonder if the Pre supports HE-AACv2, the only way to tell is if the 24kbps stream here doesn't sound terrible. Thanks!
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    Can you attach files to IM conversations?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjl210 View Post
    Is there a Facebook App at launch?
    If so, does it have chat?
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    Can you twit pic from the Twitter App?

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