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    I sent an e-mail through Sprint's website, and asked them what time stores would be opening on Saturday, and if my appointment would be honored. The customer service rep wrote me back and said that yes my appointment would be honored and stores would be open regular hours. This was Tuesday.

    Yesterday I got a call from an employee at the Sprint store which I had an appointment (out of the blue), and he told me that no appointments will be honored, and the store will be open early at 8am. Looks like the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing!

    Well, looks like I'd better get my beach chair, portable DVD player and cooler and get ready for a night of campin' out!

    CNET review - Battery life less than 1 day! OUCH!
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    No appointments at corp stores on Saturday.

    Also, the battery being less than a day could be, as others have said, because they're playing wit it all day long in order to test the features to review. You probably won't be using all the features all day long, and the AIM program supposedly drains the battery bad. Therefore I'm waiting to do hands on time before I decide if I need a spare battery or car charger.
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    My Treo 775p does not last an entire day, so I am already prepared for the battery life.
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    I'm glad it's first come first serve. I don't want to wait hours in line only to find out they have a waiting list and I can't get one.
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    My iphone doesn't get past the afternoon without a charge. Centro didn't either really. I'd say its on par with what i'm used to.

    I'm not sure what is considered normal anymore for all the outrage i'm seeing..

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