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    If you catch Palm's Pre commercial "in the wild" airing on TV, post here. I'd be interested to know during which show it aired, at roughly what time (morning, daytime, primetime, late night, etc.) and in which geographical market. Or maybe you've seen it while watching a show over the internet.

    This info can give us some insight on whom Palm is targeting the Pre to based on how they're spending their marketing dollars.

    For posterity the commercial I'm referring to is "Flow", featuring the blonde woman with a Pre surrounded by a thousand martial artists dressed in orange.

    I'll start by stating the obvious that it premiered not on television, but on Facebook at about 7:45PM PDT on Wednesday June 3, 2009. But hereafter I'm more interested in advertising spots that Palm actually paid for.

    Not to squash discussion, but let's not talk about the pros and cons of the ad itself here; there are other threads for that. Rather, let's discuss here how Palm is using the ad.
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    What does this mean for demand for the Pre? Will there be a commercial on TV? Will this cause a last minute rush for those who are just finding out about the phone and increase our chances of missing the boat on getting one on Saturday?

    CNET Review - Pre battery lasts only less than 1 day! OUCH!

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