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    Unfortunately in the UK (I assume the US is no different) the smartphone from the big 4 operators comes with the modified versions of the phones o/s.

    They take the manufacturers o/s be it Symbian or Windows and then make propietary changes like disabling VOIP features, WIFI, Teathering and then adding their own applications, modfied browser etc.

    This all adds up to destroy the user experience. Apple with the Iphone has been the first phone to do away with this and I feel their success is in part due to this.

    When will these operators realise that half the problem is themselves pimping out their own phones.

    Whenever I buy a smartphone I debrand it by sticking on the latest manufacturer ROM who update their o/s a lot faster than the operator. Also they run far more stable and quicker.

    I would gladly pay extra for having an unbranded phone free of operator modifications.
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    Why buy your phone from a carrier? Can't you just buy an unlocked GSM phone in the the UK?

    The situation is worse in the States. Most carriers are locked CDMA. If you bought a Sprint CDMA Pre, you would not be able to activate it on any other CDMA carrier.
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    You can, and I often have. But, it tends to be more expensive because you are buying out of contract and you usually have to wait longer before unbranded is available.

    If the Pre comes to the UK on O2 and is available unbranded from Palm at the same time I'll go Palm. Otherwise I'll pick up the O2 version rather than waiting.
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    Example. You can buy the Omnia HD on £32.50 per month over 18 month with the phone free = £585 or pay £500 for the phone outright without any contract.

    That's why the market for sim free phones is very small.

    After your 18 months on the network or whenever your contract is up the carrier by Law has to provide the unlock code.
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    Unfortunately that's not the case in Canada. Absolutely doesn't help the fact that the regulators are run by the carriers themselves.

    That's why I go to Asia (in particular Hong Kong) to buy my phones and bring it back here.
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