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    I have been using a Palm since the Handspring Visor. I have an i-pod touch and have tried using several apps to see if an i-phone would be for me. The answer is NO!

    So...while waiting for a GSM pre I would like to know if anyone can tell me if the applications that I use will be able to run on the pre. There is no way I am a "power user" but just not willing to give up some of my beloved programs.

    Card Reader

    Thanks for the patience and understanding...or the flames
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    let go of the past.
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    They will most likely work in the "palm classic" emulator.
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    Actually most likely not... mRing is for the phone (lacking in classic) and cardreader, well, this person might want to search the forums on Classic and MotionApps to see why as well as why the Pre physically lacks for the cardreader.

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