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    I think he said it didn't charge the phone when connected to the computer.
    It probably needs 1 amp to charge through the touchstone. USB on a computer only feeds devices at .5 amp.

    I have a dual AC/Car DC -> USB adapter that I charge my Centro with in my car. I am guessing it feeds more than 1 amp because the charge is quick. If it works with the touchstone I will just grab another one for the house with a micro USB cable. I got it for 10 bucks at Fry's I think.
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    I'm passing on the touchstone after hearing the charging troubles (very slow charge & heat) but I'll still pick up the Matte finish back for the better look.
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    Im picking up the touchstone, ditching the standard headset, and am deciding whether to use my S9's (not a big fan of them, I prefer having one ear free and the Moto's are just to awkard when i wear them like that) or picking up the mic cord for my SE-310's (but is it worth the 50 bucks?). I have an ipod usb adapter and extra usb cord to use with the touchstone, so thats not an issue.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    These are the best headset earphones:

    I would go with the UE's simply because their stuff just sounds rediculously good. You don't know until you try UE headphones what the music is "supposed" to sound like.

    Hope this helps someone
    They do but the 5vi sounds better. UE makes awesome products
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