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    Quote Originally Posted by DogEars View Post
    Strange. I ran it for nearly a year, prior to selling my MacBook of course, and it has never once crapped out on me. Latest version of Leopard.

    I wonder what would cause the discrepancy here. I used it religiously with dozens of contacts and never had a single issue.
    Consider yourself a lucky individual.

    Search adium's trac for msn bugs, particularly switchboard errors.

    It really boils down to the use of the libpurple library, and there are a lot of clients that use it:

    - Adium
    - Apollo IM
    - EQO
    - Finch
    - Instantbird
    - Meebo
    - Pigdin
    - Telepathy-Haze

    Now there was a fork off of libpurple, 'msn-pecan', but even that hasn't been shown to be that much more reliable when it comes to msn.
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    I'm not sure if this has been mentioned, at least not in this thread. Along with the question of MSN IM, there was a question of Hotmail support.

    In the e-mail application, you CAN add hotmail accounts. The difference between the hotmail and say yahoo and gmail is that for sync'ing - hotmail at its most frequent setting - can do it only ever 5 minutes.

    Yahoo and Gmail on the other hand, can be set to sync as mail arrives.

    However, if you go into the mail client, there is a manual sync overide.

    So, if you are expecting an e-mail that you think may arrive in between the 5 minute sync gap - you can just manually sync it to make sure you're current.
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    I had my Hotmail syncing and it was not a good thing. It looked like it took forever to stop downloading and even at that it seemed to think that all of my messages were new. I removed the account and my battery life went way way way way up. I hope it gets fixed in the future but for now I will live without it. BTW it did not seem to matter if I had it sync every 15mins or every 6 hours.
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    I installed Mundu Messenger and it can handle all IM protocols.

    Of course, it's installed under 'Classic'.

    I tested it out for Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger, they both work.

    For some unknown reason AIM does not work, but I suspect it's because the Pre itself does.


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    Thanks, Mundu Messenger seems to work and it's way better than that stupid web site
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    can anybody explain me how to download live messenger on my phone...thanks
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