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    i thought the "over view" was ok, he had some valid concerns. It doesn't matter who reviews, previews, or gives you quick thoughts, most members here are always going to think that any site with negative reviews is against palm and the pre. And of course no one is going to believe it unless a negative review comes from palm, precentral, treocentral, or any other palm related site. And we all know that's not going to happen. Just read the reviews for what they are, they may be called reviews but they are still opinions, and until you actually play with it you aren't going to know if it's right for you. I'll just read all the reviews that come out and then compare it to my experience.
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    Engadget is NOT unbiased.

    It seems the battery is everyone's biggest complaint. That's really sad.

    While I love engadget, they are NOT unbiased. I saw that Josh guy hobnobbing at the Pre party in hollywood last night. Definitely would skew my review with all that gladhanding. But they are pretty fair and it is a great phone. Just be aware that the operation system is basically BRAND NEW. Just think of all the bugs come with releasing a new OS.
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