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    Meh. A bit too artistic for its own sake.

    A beautiful job with choreography and location - just doesn't tell me much about the phone and what it has to offer. I fear that a number of people will think the ad is pretty, but won't get entirely what it's selling.

    Hopefully the next ones will feature more of the phone in an everyday, functional atmosphere...not a dreamscape.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    i thought it was a little effeminate. along with the tinkerbell default ringer, i have to wonder.
    What is it with people's "masculinity" being threatened? Aren't we past the era of sexism? I know I am.
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    i think this comercial was good its original i never seen a comercial like this one for a phone
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    i liked it..still has people wondering..very simple
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    I liked it. Very simple and powerful and a little emotional too!

    Also like how at times the circle of people looked liked the touch lite that shows on the Pre.
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    A good first ad. Interesting, and identifies the product and provides a hint of it's capablities.
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    glad i'm the only one who didnt like it. but this brings me to the episode of entourage when vince tells e that he is too close to the movie and its actually. unfortunately turns out that movie was medeillen and it flopped. anyways i hope the ad campaign attracks a lot of people and that brings developers on board. i dont care if i like the ads or not as i'm already going to buy it. but the general public and all the d-bags out there need to like it so it can go mainstream and get developers to buy in.
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    I think what Palm is trying to do here is establish an image for the Pre just like Apple did for the iPhone with those Apple vs. PC ads where the iphail appeared "stylish" and "hip". Palm seems to be countering this by making the Pre seem simple, intuitive, and above all, classy. Personally, I think its a great idea, but not too sure if it will work.
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    I think this ad was more about reintroducing the Palm brand than the pre product. I think it gets the masses (who don't even know the pre exists let alone Palm) asking "what's that about?" while elevating the perception of the Palm brand. Now if Sprint back fills with their own commercials showing the capabilities of the pre product on the NOW network it's gonna be a great 1-2 punch.
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    From an art standpoint, it was a beautiful commercial!

    The problem is it tells you absolutely nothing about the phone.
    The average person won't see anything that sets it apart in that commercial.
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    I think it's a beautiful commercial, but I hope they come out with something different soon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ronlongo View Post
    What is it with people's "masculinity" being threatened? Aren't we past the era of sexism? I know I am.
    I think the 2008 Democratic Primary proved that sexism is still, unfortunately, alive and kicking in this country.
    "Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow." óL. Ron Hubbard
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    I thought it looked nice. Not enough Pre in it though. I wanna see the big facebook commercial. Anyone know when that one is coming out?
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    Once again you let the creative folks go crazy and spend the money. Show someone using the darn thing to get something DONE. You can use this kind of add to generate interest, but then you actually have to show people how you deliver.

    The earlier "lifestyle" ad did a better job of that and probably cost $50 to shoot with a camcorder.
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    Try watching it without sound.... I kind of prefer it, lol.
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    I think it was fine for being the first commercial , it showed basically what the pre is commercials they need to start really showing off webOS and its features, that is a must. I think for the average consumer, meaning non precentral members who dont already know the ins and outs of the phone it may spark some interest in the phone, just my 2 cents.
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    It didn't show anything that would make someone want to switch from *fill in the blank device* to the Pre. It told people how great it is, and used a fantastic metaphor to do so. However, it didn't really SHOW the Pre in action all that much.
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    I hear the ad won't hit TV until June 22nd. Should they start airing earlier, or is waiting a few weeks the best plan? What do YOU think?
    "Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow." óL. Ron Hubbard
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    That was an awful advert. When airtime is so expensive if I went to that commercial part way through I would not know what it was about.

    Poor advert - learn something from Apple their adverts the phone is at the centre of the advert. You know what its about.

    The Pre is some existential device? This sucks.
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    It's the Zen of Palm. I like it.
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