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    My son's friend from school's father's friend works at Best Buy AND a corporate Sprint Store. They received a shipment of Pre's at both store's and he accidently mixed them up so he took them home to sort the boxes out. My friend's friend sat in the family room at their house with him and he let her open one of the boxes to keep her entertained and she drew a picture of the Pre with Crayons. It was a pretty good picture and my son's friend’s father took it and posted it in the Sprint Store in the secret back room the next day.

    So she told my son about the picture and he told me as the Pre is all I have been talking about for the past 3 months at dinner, and I called my son's friend's father and asked if I could see the picture.

    He was reluctant and said that Sprint had sent out a very strict directive and that no crayon pictures of the Pre were to be shown to any Premier members until June 6th, but that he would take the picture to Best Buy, which has a looser picture review policy, and I could spend a few minutes hands on with the picture, but that he could not let me get to close to it until June 6th at 8am.

    Yesterday, I arrived at the Best Buy Store 45 minutes before closing and was able to get within 5 feet of the picture for about 45 minutes. I wanted to take a picture of the picture from my Treo755p, but my son's friend's father would not let me, as he was fearful it might get posted and he could lose his job.

    In any event, I am here to say that the picture my son's friend drew of the Pre was SWEET!!! I kid you not!!!

    Given this exclusive access, I assumed my PreCentral family would appreciate a hands on review of the picture, but, alas, I had to keep a safe distance. After reviewing the picture from a distance for about 45 minutes until the Best Buy Store closed, I jotted down some notes and thought you all would appreciate a side by side review of the Pre I saw in the picture with the Vtech Little Smart Tiny Touch Phone Plus…. my other phone... pictured above.

    First of all I love BOTH the Pre picture my son's friend drew AND my Vtech. I could not do without either of them, although I technically cannot buy the picture until June 6 at 8 am unless I get an email from someone before then. The purpose of this comparison is to give you an overall.. .well… comparison… of the features and functions of the Pre from the picture my son's friend drew and the Vtech Little Smart Tiny Touch Phone Plus.

    Keyboard – While the Pre as illustrated in my son's friend's picture has a fully functional QWERTY keyboard.. I find the 1, 2, 3, 4 and Dog and Cat buttons on the Vtech Little Smart Tiny Touch Phone Plus to often be all I need. I have yet to hear of an app for the Pre that can make it play songs in the voice of a dog or a cat, but I am certain that some of our more technically adapt bretheren developers in the group can come up with a good app. Even so.. having a “hard” dog and cat button is very useful. I may, however, want to dial numbers OVER the number 4 which is not possible on the Vtech.

    Display. The Pre wins this category hands. The picture of the Pre's display my son's friend drew is AWESOME!!! True, the Vtech buttons do flash in colors, but the Pre screen as depicted in the picture has more color combinations than the primary red, blue green and red of the Vtech.

    Battery. Vtech wins this as the batteries available at any local convenience store. Palm cannot touch this! This is the primary reason I will carry the Vtech AND the Pre at the same time in case the Pre battery runs out, although it is true that you cannot make “actual” calls on the Vtech.. only imaginary ones.. but since my kids do not seem to mind, I will just go with the flow….. The picture of the Pre my son's friend drew did not show the battery so I cannot give an unbiased opinion here, but may be able to on June 6th at 8am unless I get an email from someone.

    Antenna. The Vtech Little Smart Tiny Touch Phone Plus's Antenna is somewhat bulbous, less sleek than the Pre's completely missing antenna according to my son's friend's picture, but I’d give it a tie in this category.

    Exta Buttons. – While it is true that as discussed in the forums the Pre can be customized to do almost anything, I find the simplicity of the Vtech's 3 way “jog” switch with its choice of “off”, “music”, and “animal sounds” settings somewhat strangely comforting. The buttons on the Pre were not shown in the picture my son's friend drew, but I will be able to update this when I get closer to the picture on June 6 at 8am (unless I get an email from someone before then).

    Overall design - While the Pre’s slider as depicted in the picture that my son's friend drew certainly has the sleek Star Trek communicator ambiance to it, the Vtech is the ONLY portable phone that I am aware of that has a useable mirror.. and an unbreakable one at that! Not the tiny self portrait camera mirror of the Pre’s Treo ancestors. I saw a thread on here somewhere on adding a mirror to the back of the Pre, and while the Vtech is bulky and reminiscent of the original Motorola "brick" phone I used to have, I think the Vtech winds this category hands down since the mirror is on the face of the phone.

    Apps. Ok.. I have to admit.. the lack of apps for the Vtech.. and no discernable way to program the Vtech makes it somewhat deficient in this category, but as I said, I will use BOTH phones so I leave the apps job to the Pre. My son's friend did not draw any apps, so I cannot especially review this part of the Pre for you, but.... email.... However, when it comes time to play classic children’s songs in animal voices.. as noted above, the Vtech saves the day. Very useful in the proper situation.. although I can not necessarily articulate such a situation under the pressure of writing this review.

    Cost… Well.. I was hoping to be able to use my Circuit City gift cards at Best Buy, but my son's friend' father said that this might be limited. I called to his attention the advertising that said that Premier customers would be "AMONG" those that had the opportunity to use Circuit City gift cards to buy the Pre, but he just stared at me blankly. Based upon the picture, I intend to purchase the replacement/insurance plan at Best Buy AND through Sprint. I think we paid $9.95 for the Vtech on eBay. Although it may have been a birthday present...which as everyone knows.. is a much better phone acquisition method. While I did not purchase the replacement plan for the Vtech Little Smart Tiny Touch Phone Plus, I figure if the Vtech ever breaks down, I will just purchase another one on eBay.. probably an upgraded model for the same price and perhaps with a new monkey or cow animal sound key to boot. I am on further reflection seriously thinking of checking out if a monthly Vtech insurance program is available at T-R-Us, as my friend's father's son advised that Best Buy does not offer it nor does Sprint.

    Overall… I would not give up either phone. They both have their utilities for me and serve different purposes.. Did I say that the Pre looks awesome in the drawing!!! If I had to choose one or the other.. I guess I would go with the Pre inasmuch it is an actual smart phone that can dial and stuff, but I would hate to ever have to make this choice… I will know more on June 6th at 8am unless.. email....

    The Vtech Little Smart Tiny Touch Phone Plus Launch party was a hoot as I recall, although it was hard to sit on the little chairs and I hated wearing the party hats… but the Vtech advocate did make amazing toy balloons, so I guess it was worth camping out for the weekend.

    So I cannot wait to get closer to the picture and get a real hands on look at the drawing my son's friend made. June 6th. Email....So now you are a more educated consumer…… go ye forth now empowered with the small knowledge that one humble poster has tried to share with his comrades…. Etu... (Email...)

    Oh.. ps.... ....Email....
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    Well... I thought it was funny...
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    Freakin' hilarious!

    The silence is likley because it just hit too close to home for some here.

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    Awesome review. my 5 yr old couldn't have done a better job with that review!
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    I thought it was cute and funny. Good job!

    Now you are making my little cousin want the Pre.
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    Great review, but what I want to know is: can I keep my SERO account if I go with the Vtech?!?
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    Son: Daddy I need to pee...

    Dad: You need the Pre?
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    this is just too funny
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    wyn- info on SERO should be in your.... wait for it.... EMAIL!!!

    Emails should be coming any minute now.... (I still have hope they might!)
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    See my other thread... got the email tht says wait for the Friday Email. It's Friday. No Email....

    Email is soooo 2008.
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    LOL. Most of the attempt-to-be-funny pseudo reviews are just stupid, but this was truly well done. Congrats!
    Bob Meyer
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    Thanks for all the kind words.... Humor writer in my spare time lol.... In the interest of full disclosure... This is an update of my similar review and comparison to the Treo 600 or so I posted years ago on, updated and modernized with all the Pre Drama... I will post a concluding epilogue when I have my Pre (or the crayon picture thereof) in hand, so please tune back in.... ETU Pre... ETU???
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    Quote Originally Posted by ETUTREO300 View Post
    .... However, when it comes time to play classic children’s songs in animal voices.. as noted above, the Vtech saves the day. Very useful in the proper situation.. although I can not necessarily articulate such a situation under the pressure of writing this review.
    I laugh till I cry evert time I read this part. Everyone at work things I'm crazy crying over my keyboard!
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