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    Reading it now! Nice opening paragraph in the review. What can I say? America loves a comeback.
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    Nice review and some of the best photos of the device thus far.
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    any new info we didn't know about?
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    ITs soo TINY!
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    This is the best review of any of them so far. If you're only going to read one, read this.
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    excellent review!
    Mike (FOOmanJEW) Jaret-Schachter
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    This is truly a glowing review by a mecca gadget site.

    The pictures they presented are stunning.

    and there are numerous quotable:

    In terms of real-world use, the Pre battery situation is good, not great -- though we think that you can (mostly) put your Apple-inspired fear of background processes to bed.
    what Palm has done is not only a major feat for a company of its size (and its dire position), and we think it's an important step in the evolution of mobile computing
    One feeling that we were constantly stuck by while testing the phone was a kind of revelatory, 'Hey, this actually feels how a computer feels.'
    dektop-level multi-tasking!

    everybody is feeling it
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    I do agree that this is one of the best reviews. Detailing both the good and the bad sides of the Pre in a non critical tone. It has some nice pictures of the device too.
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    what a solid review, great points brought up all around

    greatest thing about the review is it acknowledgment of the strong base palm has in the pre and the webOS; by and large, the bulk of the niggling issues of the type which, while relevant, can and will be easily fixed through OTA updates after some mass first generation testing. app store? the apps will come. sluggishness with pdfs/certain types of docs? updates and more streamlined 3rd party readers. Certain nuances that are omitted in predictive text? Easily remedied through an update. Email issues will be worked out, and, honestly, I feel the whole facebook contacts issue will be as well. Palm probably just needed to get this out the door before coming up with an elegant solution.

    I also appreciated the network overview as well as it is critical. Things get even better when you factor in the ability to put the pre on the 'new sero' plan-the savings ratchet up even higher.

    This honestly gets me so excited. I love legit competition, and I look forward to the community that palm will hopefully foster as well as upgrades to the hardware down the line.
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    this really was an excellent review. comprehensive and balanced. this is why i love engadget.
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    These guys know how to do a review. I haven't even finished reading it yet, and I'm just blown away by the images and attention to detail. Boy Genius could learn a thing or two from Engadget.
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    I like that they don't have videos of it touching diary product, unlike *cough* gizmodo.
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    nice review.

    1. they confirm PUSH Gmail.
    2. no mass delete on email is a little disappointing.
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    This was an awesome review unlike stupid Gizmodo who says the keyboard sucks when the keys are as big as the curve and they don't complain about the Curve ::angry::
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    Great Review..This is how a review should be done..
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    Engadget, 1 word-Great Job, great review! Making me want one for sure
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    Now thats a review! So lengthy I thought I might have to send out for tomorrows breakfast but darn good. Sounds like most of the problems they encountered could be cured with a good old software update. Thanks for posting the link.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    2. no mass delete on email is a little disappointing.
    That will probably be added later in an update.

    Most if not all of the complaints in these reviews can and probably will be fixed in OS updates.

    2 days cannot come soon enough! My serious lack of sleep starts now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jhoff80 View Post
    This is the best review of any of them so far. If you're only going to read one, read this.
    What jhoff80 said.
    * Stuck patches? Partial erase worked for me.
    * Stuck virtual keyboard? Partial erase AND folder deletion worked for me.
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