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    Yes. Hold the Orange, Sym, and P key simultaneously.

    Great review, pics and videos.
    I wish they would have demonstrated the advanced gestures of next and previous apps.
    Seems a bit confusing in the user guide that the previous gesture is a full swipe to the right and the next gesture is a full swipe to the left. In my mind, swiping right (forward) should be next app and swiping left (back) should be previous app.
    No full left to right should be previous app. It's equivalent in the Cards View as swiping to the right which gets you to the previous app. Basically think of it as moving the Cards without zooming out. If it was the way you described the cards would go the opposite direction full swipe in. Not sure if you might understand what I'm saying. lol. I'm sure there will be a video out there demonstrating advanced gestures.

    Check out PreCentral's video ( ). Go to 8:20 and you'll see Advanced Gestures being used.
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