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    Anyone here from Green Bay? I plan on hitting up the east side Sprint store early Saturday. They're opening around 10. The non-corporate store over here didn't seem to really know anything about the pre. The guy (manager I think) at Radio Shack didn't know what it was. I'm hoping that our lack of technology related people will work in my favor, as long as the stores have a couple of pre's!
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    looks like you'll be the only one in green bay buying one of these. i live in lake geneva so i have to go to milwaukee to get mine. as of this morning there were only 8 members that posted on the milwaukee thread. i hoping that's a good sign. i'm with you - i think the lack of techie people around here will work to our favor. out of the 15 peope i work with i'm the only one who knows about the pre. they can't understand why someone would sleep overnight for a "phone". i've tried to explain but they just don't get it! good luck to you!!!
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    I bought mine at the Green Bay Best Buy, Appleton Sprint and Best Buy (College Ave) were out of stock so I had to travel there.
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