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    I wanted to see what was your most paramount reason for wanting to get the PRE as opposed to any other phone … As for me … I want the capability to effortlessly be constantly ( a lot of “ ly’s “ ha ha ) connected … but most of all instant INFORMATION … Your thoughts ?
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    i think i want it ultimately b/c its the newest thing out there. And I also hope it crushes the IPHONE (not likely but a guy can wish!). Also, i'm tired of WinMo phones...they're all the same.
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    My wife needs a new phone...bad.
    The last Palm product I owned was the Zire71..the Prē is bringing me back.
    So, it's bringing sexy back!
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    I like Sprint.
    Sprint phones suck.
    Sprint will never get the iPhone.
    The wife is due for a phone update.
    I will pay lots of money to use a phone that doesn't run Windows Mobile.
    It syncs with iTunes.

    The real question will be in 2yrs if I will want/need Sprint anymore.
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    I certainly don't need the Pre or my Pro for that matter. But, I want the Pre mostly because of the bigger screen since I'm on the Internet a lot and it's features are interesting.

    Not a really good reason to cough up $200 and a higher priced plan than my Fair & Flexible which is why I'm a bit undecided about getting the Pre.
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    I am sick of Winmo myself ... I would love for it to play the remaining included Sprint TV Aps and videos like I was watching TV ... I literally hate iPhones users attitude and just want to SHUT THEM UP ... lol
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    I want the email capabilities of a Blackberry (w/keyboard) with the browsing and app capabilities of the iPhone. The Pre is the device that fuses both worlds together.

    And I'll get it in spite of Sprint being the carrier and messing up the launch...
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    1. I love that it's Palm.
    2. I love that it's not an Apple product.
    3. I love that it's a true glimpse into the future.

    Remember that show from the 90's with the Taylons? I don't remember the name but they used to all have these electronic things that everyone walked around with which were connected to the internet so they had nearly instant access to any information and they used them like video phones as well. When I saw those I thought to myself first, how cool that was and second that we really weren't all that far from having something like that technology-wise. In a few days I'll be able to have my very own!!! Yippie!!!

    (((What a total geek!)))

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    I LOVE my Centro, but the Pre is INFINITELY better. It has the same type of keyboard that I love, it has a much bigger screen, it multitasks, it kicks the Centro's arse. Need I say more?
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    Quote Originally Posted by solo1 View Post
    I am sick of Winmo myself ... I would love for it to play the remaining included Sprint TV Aps and videos like I was watching TV ... I literally hate iPhones users attitude and just want to SHUT THEM UP ... lol
    I hate Winmo... not matter what device it is on. Even Palm. I was a iPhone user for a while... i didnt have an attitude lol.

    There is always a fanboy of something.
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    Because I can develop for it. I have some cool ideas that I can make happen on this platform, so I am very excited to get started.
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    the ability to combine information from multiple sources into one multitasking touch screen device that simplifies my life.
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    i also dont buy apple product but palm pre is best phone, THAT IS WHY!
    my tmobile ends awhile back but i didnt renew contract, if the iphone does what the pre does i would have switched to att long time ago, iphone is just not as good for me
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    I currently have an iPhone, but what I like more about the pre:
    1. It's a little smaller
    2. Multitasking
    3. Synergy
    4. Physical keyboard
    5. Replaceable battery

    I'm not an iPhone basher, I LOVE the iPhone but from what I've seen so far, I'm gonna' love the Pre even more.

    Can't wait to see the reviews pour in after launch.
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    * I like Sprint, hate AT&T.
    * Want constant access to the web for some web-based endeavors I'm rolling out.
    * Opportunity to make apps for my phone with minimal API-skills retooling.
    * Prefer a physical keyboard, among QWERTY keyboards anyway.
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    i love palm. i have a treo 700wx - my first and only smartphone to date. i thought i'd never get one again w/o windows mobile but really i'm kinda getting sick of it. it's too plain looking. reminds me of how the old 98 windows looked. i LOVE the ui of the pre and can't wait to use it myself. my favorite thing will prob be the internet. i don't like the windows mobile version. and pandora. i love pandora and was bummed it didn't work with my phone.
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    Because my contract is up for Sprint and thats the only good phone they got!
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    • I'm already on Sprint, I've been waiting for their "Hero Phone" offering for a long time
    • I'm sick of my Touch Pro, sick of windows mobile, and sick of cooking ROMs that all have the same problem, and most of all I'm sick of how the SMS system in windows mobile refuses to work at all (I'll leave this for later)
    • I want better multitasking, and a hardware accelerated UI
    • I want a phone that isn't abandoned by its software vendor (M$) and its hardware manufacturer (HTC) a day after the new product comes out
    • I want a web-browser which rules, this is the most important thing to me. I want full browsing with no exceptions. I'm hoping Palm gets flash support first.
    • I've had a Palm since the very beginning, left them when they stopped innovating and ditched to Windows Mobile (when they were innovating), and now I'm jumping back because they've stopped. Full circle, baby.
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    ive been waiting for this thing FOREVER.

    i just switched my plan to the everything data plan and they gave me 400 free minutes on top of it and gave it to me for 59.99 cuz i was trying to upgrade from sero to EPRP and he couldnt do it so he just did it this way.
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    Because I want one.
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