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    So low and behold I asked if they had a live or dummy version of the phone at best buy today and they did.

    First impression of size:

    I was starting to think this thing was going to be way too small and worried about screen size after reading everything here. It was actually the perfect size. Really. Just perfect.


    Whoever says this thing feels like plastic lets say like the remote for your TV is 100% wrong. This thing feels so solid and it felt great. Really it feels great, the shape, the way it opens and closes gives you a satisfied click both ways.


    Was not as small as the centro for sure. Maybe people say its like the centro because the actual keys may be as small as the centro but they are definatly spaced more apart. Its not like my q9c but I had no problem being quick on it. Just so you know, I am 6'1" and about 290 pounds (go ahead snicker) and obviously have fat fingers and large hands. If you are at all worried about the keyboard dont be.

    I cant not wait to get this phone now even more than I did before I went in. Such a damn tease.

    I was actually considering maybe getting an iphone because I didnt want such a small screen (before I saw it) but I am telling you know I would take the Pre anyday because it really isnt much smaller than the iphone. In fact because the phone is smaller it makes the screen appear bigger than it is.

    I was going to go at like 6 in the morning to wait. After playing with just the dummy I will be there in line at midnight.
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    midnight and 6am DAMN
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    I saw a dummy phone at BB today too. Was very impressed. I too think it felt like a high quality piece. Keyboard was about what I expected... sorta like the Centro being too small but somehow usable nonetheless. The slider was silky smooth and it was thinner than I expected. I can't wait!
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    Same here. BB seems to be reliable for letting you touch a dummy model upon request. My experience today was pretty much identical to the OP.
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    Unfortunately, when I went to BB today, the Sprint guy was there and they were all toeing the line. Would not even show it to me. I am going to go to a different store tomorrow!
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    I got to play with the dummy today too and nailed down one of the three they have in stock. I tried to get them to sell it to me today but no go, obviously. The salesman was really nice and excited about the phone. He was not expecting much of a surge of customers this weekend, but that may just be that store, which is not in a very, shall we say, affluent area. He told me to be there at 9:30 Saturday morning and he'd get me set up. Fingers crossed!
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    I also went to best buy and saw a demo Pre. If you have a Centro the Pre is more spread out then Centro I actually type better on it then I do the Centro. To me it's an upgrade over the Centro.

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