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    Quote Originally Posted by BubbaHooska View Post
    Why? If they get fantastically lucky, they can't sell half that in the first few months, so why would they incur the expense to have that much inventory? Better to watch and learn, tweak, adjust, etc.
    I agree. I think there have been a couple of things that have driven us crazy, us being the fanatics who follow it daily.

    The important day will be Saturday. If they get all the phones rolled out and operational with minimal stress to the system, then this launch is a HUGE success. It will not be perfect I'm sure, but I think it has been wildly successful so far.

    I mean Christ, just look at the rebound the stock has made! This company is doing a lot of things right that they are not getting credit for. (Palm I mean)

    Sprints D-Day is Saturday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by neile45 View Post
    the Foleo, maybe?
    Nice! How true!
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    Great! I swear to... I just gave up my Premier Status today because I didn't think I'd be getting the Email at all. I took the phone line that was under my mom's name and put it under mine, so Premier went away. If an email goes out tomorrow and I get screwed out of buying it a day early, yeah I'll be pissed.
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    I got a call from the Sprint rep instead of an email. She basically said, "It is going to be on a first-come-first-served basis so come to the store a little early."
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    There ain't gonna be an early sale. No way will we be magically getting an email on the LAST day before launch date. Ain't gonna happen.
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