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    Went to a Best Buy after hearing recent comments about people seeing or almost BUYING one there! Sure enough they had a dummy unit. Don't know how different the feel of a dummy phone will be to the real thing but hear are a couple of thoughts.

    1. The phone feels much heavier and solid than many nay-sayers have been reporting, it is heavier than the centro.

    2. It is alarmingly small in your hand. Without the keyboard out it's 2/3 the height of the Centro and a little thinner.

    3. The keyboard is small but the keys are well spaced. I wear a size 14 ring, that means I have sausage fingers, and I could type much easier than I can on my Centro.

    4. The sliding mechanism isn't chunky or akward, it slides out nicely and the mirrored finish is cool but a little distorted.

    5. The screen is only 3.1 inches but if feels much bigger because the phone is so small.

    Additional info - Went to the Sprint store after, was told they're still doing mail in rebate and were handing out numbers for people who wait in line. Also told that those who don't get phone on first day will be on a waiting list and won't have to wait much longer after first day. I also found out security won't hassle me when I get there four hours early
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    Hey, thanks for this. I kind of question your 2/3 comparison with a Centro though because if you use this tool (, it doesn't look even close to 2/3. However, I don't know the accuracy of this tool though.

    At any rate, I'm having a tough decision to make with getting my Pre on Saturday. Do I try the Best Buy right by me who is supposed to get 16... or do I drive 45 min. to the nearest Corporate Sprint store where I am almost guaranteed to get one? It's just a matter of instant rebate or not. Gah.
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    The 2/3 is an estimate, but it's definitely not less than 3/4 as tall when the keyboard is slid in, I was pretty shocked by how small it is, especially with such a large display.
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    Nice affirmation of how small it is! I dont think I am concerned (with my size 16-17 ring) anymore. I think the keyboard will be fine. I am also certain that it will disappear in my hands!
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    @ sausage fingers, i do think we wont have a problem typing with the device, i have had the T-MO dash before and talk about no finger space, so i think even though it may be "cluttered" we all will manage jsut fine
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    The keyboard looks REALLY small at first, but the keys are spaced far enough apart that it's not a big deal. It's really much easier to type on than the Centro.
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    you should try the best buy first, if you cant get it there then go to a sprint store.
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    I have gotten my hands on a Pre the last two days. I typed on it yesterday and it was a little clumsy. Today went better, so I'm thinking that it will be pretty easy to get used to. It will be nice coming from an Instinct and it's virtual keyboard. I am constantly mis-typing on it.

    Another concern of mine was how readable would message boards be on the Pre since I spend alot of time reading them, but after visiting PreCentral and a couple of others I no longer have a concern. When you put the phone in landscape mode, you can get the entire post in the screen from left to right and yet it is still plenty big enough to read.

    I also like the ability to zoom in and out with ease on a web page. It makes it much easier to surf the web this way.

    I will say I was a little disappointed with the speed of the internet, but I am hoping that it was an anomaly, because I have read plenty of posts complimenting it's speed, but that wasn't the case for me today.

    I asked the guy at Sprint about voice-activated dialing with bluetooth because I thought I read a rumor on here that it was an option, but he wasn't sure how to make that work, so that is still a question I will have until I get my own I guess.

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