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    Yesterday I made a trip to my local non corporate, but Ready Now Store to find out information like a good lil PREboy ... They did have a Pre on hand but couldn't show it to me ( go figure ) ... So I asked about how the launch was going to be handled and he said that All Ready Now Stores would have The Premier Party on the 5th ... All these store will have enough phones for every S|P person that was invited and the official Palm Reps would be on hand for this party ... But he also said that his store was opening Friday Midnight to start sales of the Pre ... Which would work for me seein I have to be at work by 9am on Sat ... Has ANYONE else heard of stores opening at Midnight ?
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    Nope, I've called all the stores in my area and they're all opening Sat morn.
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    it would be cool... but no. not gonna happen.
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    Friday 6 pm to midnight has been canceled here.
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    8am or 10am people.
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