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    As one of the unlucky ones who is not eligible for the full upgrade price on the Pre on Launch-Day, I was looking at the pre site ( to see if there was any details on a way around that, and noticed that it said "Phone Offer: Offers ends 7/11/09. While supplies last. $299.99 (2 year price) -$100 (mail-in rebate) = $199.99 (Final price).... Mail-in Rebate: Requires purchase by 7/11/09 & activiation by 7/11/09. ... Upgrade: Existing customers in good standing with service on the same device for more than 22 consecutive months current activiated on a service plan of $39.99 or higher may be eligible".

    So, this (1) confirms that you need to have the full upgrade eligibility on your account, but (2) begs the question as to what the price will be after 7/11/09 ... has anyone heard anything about this?
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    bump. anyone have any info?
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    That's just when they may change the sale price and/or rebates. The Full price probably won't change for a while.

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