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    I went to my local Sprint store yesterday to ask how many Pre's they were expecting to receive on launch day. The employee (it could have been the manager) told me that all the Pre's they were expecting to get were already "spoken for," and that he could "put me on the list for Monday" because they are planning on receiving more by then. If I did that, there would be a $19.00 surcharge for having the store "order" the phone for me.
    I was surprised and told him that I thought it was sold on a first come first serve basis but he told me that Sprint sent them an email allowing them to create a wait list.

    Is this true to anyone's knowledge? Or was this guy being shady?
    Sorry if this has been discussed before.
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    First, is it a reseller or corporate store? either way, the guy is being shady wants to make profits for the waiting list. I'd report that store to Sprint Corporate.
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    And I own some swampland in Arizona....
    Seriously? A $19 surcharge for ordering the phone...
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    I have found out in our area that actual sprint stores are not doing a waiting list however those small privatelly owned stores are doing all waiting lists and we have like 5 of those here and they are all doing the same.
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    there is no way this is a corporate store, because if it was, this is against policy to charge customers to order phones. This HAS to be a reseller, thats why I never deal with them.
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    My local 3rd party Sprint store is not holding any phones and there is no wait list.
    I'd try another shop.
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    Both of my non corp stores called me and said sprint advised them that they were not allowed to have a list. And this sucks because I was #4 on one list and #6 on the other.
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    I agree that they should be reported to Sprint Corporate. All that most people see is Sprint, and Sprint can not afford any more image problems.
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    yep. no waiting list or even Friday night Premier Customer availability here-- First come, first serve at 8am Saturday morning. Gettin' ready to camp out on Friday night...haha.
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    My non-corp store is doing a waiting list which I got put on Monday. Received a call on Tuesday and an appointment was made for me to be there at 10am on Saturday to get my Pre.
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    i call a couple of stores, and none would but me on a waiting list.

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    I called sprint and confirmed that the store I visited was a third party store and that many of those stores are doing waiting lists (probably all filled up by now). I initially thought it was a corporate store because they have a repair center for sprint phones and they tote the Sprint Logo outside.

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