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    Absolutely, considering that I paid for a 16GB microSD card for my Treo Pro. Besides, even with my 1650mAh Seidio extended battery, streaming music all day wouldn't be viable. And even though I'm getting the 1350mAh extended battery for the Pre (Centro), I'll stream occasionally, but wouldn't consider streaming as a replacement for local music storage.
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    Nah... 8gb is enough. Especially when comming from my G1 that only has 72MB of internal storage.
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    I am certainly not paying $100 for 16GB Pre unless the battery life was longer.

    The way I use my phone (internet, sometimes long telephone conversations, texting a lot, setting up appointments, streaming) the battery couldn't handle me using it as a mp3 player/media player.

    Then again I don't get using your phone as an mp3 player but I would like the option some day. Maybe when they come out with a good enough battery for a phone I will give it a shot.
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    No way, in fact, absolutely not. That's what expandable storage is for, quite honestly.
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    sure if it maybe had micro sd also.
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    I stream, I don't save. I won't use the 7GB that's already in there. I believe in the cloud and will use it for everything except frequently used files or as a file transfer device with viewer (think DTG).
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