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    Has there been a list of available Apps at launch?
    I hope they are as good as all the iPhone ones... even the stupid game ones like the lightsaber or the beer mug. I also hope that facebook chat and AIM are available right away.
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    I don't think a comprehensive list has been published, and I'm fully expecting a number of apps to be available at launch that nobody's seen. I'd put my money on between 25-50 apps.
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    Starting at about 1:56, and continuing on, you can see the apps in this YouTube video . There is a more comprehensive list view at 2:52.
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    I'm gonna go with wynand on this one, there are probably tons more applications being developed or already developed then what we have seen or heard. I know that the WHERE app wasn't really supposed to be known until that info got leaked, and I'm sure they are only 1 of many to do that.
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    Actually there is a comprehensive application list:
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    cool, thanks for the video link buyrihn. Would of been better with less of a $hitty song playing. haha
    I'm psyched for them all!
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    I hope they make one for youversion

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