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    Anyone know the details of the party at 6pm at Cobb Sprint? Any celebrities? Hours? Food? Etc? Just curious.
    There were no celebrities listed in the invite (other cities had specific celebrities mentioned). My guess is some local radio or tv people. Nothing special.

    Supposed to have drinks and stuff.
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    Anybody in line yet?
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    I was at the launch party thanks to ATLPRE! Thanks bud!

    Drinks (Beer, Wine, and Soft Drinks)
    Small Appetizers
    2 Falcons Players (Turner & Can't Remember)
    Lots of Sprint Employees
    A few Palm Employees
    Possibly a few higher up Sprint Employees

    LOTS OF PRE's!
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    I'm sitting at the Cobb Pkwy @ Barrett Pkwy with three other people.
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    According to the gal with whom I spoke at the Perimeter Mall Best Buy, their metro Atlanta stores are currently sold out. She said the first guy in line arrived at 6:30 am!

    I went by the North Point Mall Sprint store. They were sold out, and had a waiting list of about seven people when I went by there around 2:30 or so. About eight folks queued up to test the two demo models available.
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    Quick Treo 800w videos of the launch party:

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    i got mine in snellville GA
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    I know this is an old thread, but I'm hoping maybe I'll hit an Atlanta person or two. If you're a developer writing apps for the pre (or thinking about it), check out the upcoming preDevCamp in this thread.

    Oh, and if you're not a developer, but know one in Atlanta, please point them in our direction.


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