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    For those who have Orb working...

    - Are you able to do playlists or just one song at a time?
    - Does video also work for you?
    - What OS are you running the server on?

    I can sometimes play one song but not more than one - and no playlists. Can do pictures but no video. I have the server running on Vista with SP2. Everything works from a PC client but not Pre.
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    I receive the error "There was an error playing the file back". I went to and I get the same error.So how can you get orb to work when does not even work?
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    #43 works just fine, and also rules.
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    Quote Originally Posted by erod550 View Post
    I can get orb to play but as soon as I press the button to see the cards to switch to another card the stream stops. It should keep streaming in the background. Hopefully they will release a dedicated Orb app sometime soon. I'm really going to miss it until they do.
    Yes, that does happen, even with audio-only streams from Orb, as they still come over the 3gp link. What's worse is that once it "pauses" (at least for me), I can't unpause it; I have to go back into the Orb web interface and restart the stream from the beginning...

    Hopefully Palm will give us an update the player with a few new options, like "pause the video but continue the audio" while you multitask.

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    I got the same error as "dagold" for all links that I tried.
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