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    Ok, I'll bite.

    Anyone have any reports from corporate Sprint stores in and around the SF Bay Area regarding expected stock of Pre's for Saturday?
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    i know a place that has some in Concord
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    I called a store in Milpitas yesterday, and the fellow told me that he didn't know their expected inventory, saying "the only thing I can tell you is just be there early" or something like that.

    I called one third party store, who said that they wouldn't have any on Saturday, believing it to be a corporate-store-only thing.
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    I am in the east bay (San Ramon) and will be hitting up Sprint stores in my area. I will report back.
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    I have been checking with Livermore and Pleasanton Sprint stores, and no one has a clue to inventory yet, nor have they been helpful. The store in Livermore told me they were not going to open until 10:00am...both state they are Corp stores. Will check again tomorrow.
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    San Jose. Be there early for 8am open.
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    I stopped by the Sprint store in Union City and they didn't have much info either. No idea how many in stock. I also stpped by the Best Buy down the street and got the same story.

    One thing both locations were in agreement with is - there has been a lot in interest in the Pre. So, I suspect there are going to be lines on Saturday
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDG View Post
    I am in the east bay (San Ramon) and will be hitting up Sprint stores in my area. I will report back.
    Dublin / Pleasanton will have a reasonable number.
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    I am going to call them again tomorrow and see if they have an inventory number yet. I am assuming that the Pleasanton store will get more than Livermore, as they are bigger. I can only be in one place so, hopefully by Friday, I can determine where my best shot is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clipcarl View Post
    Dublin / Pleasanton will have a reasonable number.
    I called Dublin and they told me they didn't know how many they were getting. Do you have some inside info?
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    Talked to one of the BestBuys in Marin. They said they are only getting two as well as the BestBuy in Marin City. Santa Rosa BestBuy is getting 3-4. Have yet to call actual Sprint stores/radio shacks. Here is my blog post on it though:
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    Quote Originally Posted by nitty917 View Post
    i know a place that has some in Concord
    You mean that Sprint Kiosk in Sunvalley Mall? I'm grabbing mine from a store in Pleasant Hill. I know the Sprint Corporate in Walnut Creek should get a fair amount.
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    Just checked again the Livermore and Pleasanton Sprint stores. Livermore still not sure when they will open. Neither store knows how many they will get. Pleasanton says they are getting their inventory on Friday, so call back in the afternoon and they will know more. Also stated that although it seems to be a popular phone, if I am there when the stores opens, I will probably walk out with one. Doesn't expect lines.
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    Im in concord area, went by pleasant hill best buy. They said they don't have anything yet and to come back Saturday.
    But I have to get mine through telesales/online so I have to wait stupid referral plan and its online/telesales only stuff.
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    I have been talking in person to the people in the Pleasanton store and have been told to get there early, but I feel like they are just saying that to generate interest. I also asked about inventory and got a very nervous "I am not sure" response from some and others just have no idea. I am thinking they either already know how much they are getting, or they may have some in back already.
    I was surprised, though, to see that the Dublin Best Buy was not on the leaked list of stores to get any units. I was told by one of the Mobile department folks that they would get more than most other stores in the area.

    UPDATE --- I am sure you have looked at this, but my guy was right Dublin Best Buy looks like they are getting 7 more than most of the bay area besides SF and Sunnyvale. This makes me happy
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    Anyone is San Mateo? I'm thinking about being there around 6ish? Store is due to open at 8 am. Might stop by to see if they have any info or perhaps a tester to try....
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    I'll be making a few calls to corporate stores here tomorrow and see if they have better clues for stock levels since most reps have been clueless up to this point.

    But I'm afraid that stores may be under an info black-out until Saturday.
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    Sacramento Area, I spoke with a retail manager I'm friends with, he said to get there early, but he was told their inventory should be large enough for me to get one.
    Still showing up at 6/6:30
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    From the leaked Best Buy stock list, it looks like the Sunnyvale and San Francisco Best Buys have 13 Pres each on hand. That's pretty good! The rest of the stores are getting a pittance (0 to 4).
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    Spoke to the Radio Shack in Lafayette, they are not getting any and not expecting to for a number of weeks.

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