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    Quote Originally Posted by polpo View Post
    From the leaked Best Buy stock list, it looks like the Sunnyvale and San Francisco Best Buys have 13 Pres each on hand. That's pretty good! The rest of the stores are getting a pittance (0 to 4).
    I guess there's some advantage to being Palm's HQ city..

    Perhaps the Sprint store down the street will have a bunch as well..
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    Quote Originally Posted by monkey@arms View Post
    Spoke to the Radio Shack in Lafayette, they are not getting any and not expecting to for a number of weeks.

    Best regards,

    Well dude, its Lamorinda. Everyone has an iPhone...
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    The Sprint store at McCarthy Ranch in Milpitas says they'll be handing out tickets. I take that to mean if there's a line at 8AM, they'll hand out tickets and serve people in order. That's nice because then you don't have to stay physically in line once you have a ticket; you can come in and hopefully even try the phone while you wait for your number to be called. Again, that's my interpretation.

    They also say if they sell out, then you can put your name on a waiting list for the next shipment. Hopefully it won't come to that.
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    Anyone else planning to be in Sunnyvale in the morning? I stopped in earlier and they said they expected a few people to be waiting over night, but said most people will just show up in the morning as I plan to do. They weren't saying how many devices they would have to sell.
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    I'm in San Francisco and will be at one of the stores here @ 7:45 AM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dianeh View Post
    Anyone is San Mateo? I'm thinking about being there around 6ish? Store is due to open at 8 am. Might stop by to see if they have any info or perhaps a tester to try....
    I called the San Mateo store and did not get a good feeling for their procedure. It seemed to me that they had been collecting a waiting list and were going to reserve phones for those people first then play first come first serve with the remaining (if any) units.
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    Quote Originally Posted by howiej1 View Post
    I'm in San Francisco and will be at one of the stores here @ 7:45 AM.
    we're lucky that there are 6 stores in the city. i've got 3 within walking distance of my house! 10 more hours until i get to touch a pre!
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    What store is everyone going to? I think I am going to Market st around 7 am.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimzee View Post
    What store is everyone going to? I think I am going to Market st around 7 am.
    I'm in the East Bay so I'm headed to the stores over there. I'm sorta tied to one though since I already have a plan activated through the sprint dealer I do some work for and I have to return my temporary phones I've been using to them. Anyways, they held Pres for me so I'm definitely gonna swing by there!
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    Just heard there are about a dozen people in line at the Sprint store on Bascom near Whole Foods in Campbell... If that's your store you better get over there quick!
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    Stopped by the Sunnyvale Sprint store on my way home last night and found Eric all set up to spend the night. Here's his picture just in case anyone else is claiming to be first in line... I'm heading over there shortly myself now.
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    It is 7.10am

    Does it make any sense to try my luck at the Sunnyvale Best Buy or Santa Row Best Buy and if that doesn't work head over to Sprint Store? Or will they be sold out by afternoon.

    Average inventory at the big metro stores seem to be around 60-70 each according to estimates.
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    7:00 Sprint Milpitas McCarthy, Sprint employees are handing out numbered tickets. If you get a ticket, you get a phone. Got mine! Almost there. They say they have 40 phones here (speculation is they're keeping 5 in reserve).
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    got to sf mission st sprint store around 7:40 & was #26 in line. still in line with about 5 people ahead of me & 15 behind me. 50 pres in stock. pretty low key & pleasant here.
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    First in line at Sprint in South San Jose on Tully. Got there at 6am and put my chair at the front door. Way Geeky, but I got my Pre.
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    I got to the Pleasanton store around 7:00 and there were already 20 people in front of me. I got a ticket and a Pre. Love it!

    They were sold out of phones in 2 hours.
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    Got to Sunnyvale Sprint at 6:15am and when they finally handed out numbers, I got 21 and 22. They said they had 22 units. People behind me were bummed (sorry) but they're on the list and more were expected to arrive today so many of those people should have device by now (hopefully).

    Attached are pictures of the line at the Sunnyvale Sprint store before opening, and the donuts and coffee that I brought to share. Also shown is another picture of Eric with his Pre (he's the guy who spent all night in his car in front of the Sprint store to be first in line), and a picture of me with the last two devices (#21 and #22) from the initial stock.

    I heard the Stevens Creek Sprint store had 75. Sounds like most of the stores are selling out to people who were there before 8am.

    If anyone knows of Bay Area stores with units left in stock, that might be the best (most helpful) information to post here...
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    Redwood City Sprint Store was pretty cool.

    I drove by around 1:45am no line.
    Another line sitter had driven by at 3:00am.

    I rolled back at 5:30 and found one other in line (well waiting in his car) he had arrived about 5min before me, I think his name was Francisco.
    Went to grab coffee and doughnut for myself and Francisco.

    Shortly after coffee run, two more show up, one of them was an old coworker who is a UI Design Engineer guy. So the official line begins.

    #4 in line, the first female had heard they had 40 units in stock, at this point there were maybe 15 in line.

    #6 in line went to Noahs and got bagels for the crowd, thanks Paymon!

    Around 7:30 they gave tickets to people, one for each phone they would be purchasing. Most people got 1 ticket, some like myself were porting numbers and getting a family plan, I needed 2 tickets.

    At this point there were like 23 people, all received tickets. They began to let us in just short of 8:00am They had only 4 registers going and the activation system gave a few errors (overload?)

    They must have been short on keystone chargers as they were only allowing people to buy one per phone, this is problematic for those who want a charger for home and work.

    I would love to hear how things went at the San Mateo and University Ave Palo Alto stores.
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    San Mateo had 55 phones. There were about 25 people in line by 7am and they ran out of tickets right around 8am.
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    Anyone have any updates for SF (preferably downtown)? I have been checking Best Buy online stock to see no availability nearby. May try my luck at a Sprint Store this week...
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