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    Nice review! I guess mine will be $475 and my girlfriend's will be $199. Hope I can get her to wander around the store when the bill comes or she will kick my *** for spending that much on an early upgrade Still, I'm not waiting for October and I am well aware of the cost of early adoption.
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    Just got my upgrade push back...

    12:04:13 PM Samantha I see that your upgrade eligibility is the $150 as of 7/1/2009.
    12:05:40 PM Darwin D. I wanted to get a Palm Pre on the 6 of this month, is there any way to have that date push back since I'm a Premier Customer. I really don't want to wait another month to get the phone, I've been following this thing around since Jan.
    12:09:53 PM Samantha I apologize that option is not available. I do not have the authority to change the upgrade eligibility. Please note that on 6/6 the Pre will only be available in stores, However the phone will be available online shortly there after. This way you can go into the store and see how it works and all and save even more by receiving waived shipping and upgrade charges by ordering online.
    12:11:32 PM Darwin D. Any way you can check with a manager and see if they would be able to do it. I know it has been done before not on my account, but others, If a manager approves it.
    12:12:33 PM Samantha One moment please
    12:12:39 PM Darwin D. Thx
    12:16:03 PM Samantha I will be happy to let you speak with a supervisor, one moment please while I transfer you please.
    12:16:11 PM Darwin D. Thank you
    12:18:38 PM System You are being transferred to another queue. Please stand by...
    12:18:39 PM System Samantha has left this session!
    12:21:28 PM System Brittain has joined this session!
    12:21:28 PM System Connected with Brittain
    12:21:38 PM Brittain Thank you for contacting Sprint, my name is Brittain, a Supervisor with Sprint Ecare, please allow me a moment to review the chat so that I can better assist you today.
    12:22:17 PM Darwin D. ok
    12:23:53 PM Brittain I see that you are inquiring about an early upgrade tot he Palm Pre is that correct?
    12:26:01 PM Darwin D. Yes, I currently own an instinct which as been pretty dissapointing to say the least, the Pre looks pretty solid. I have a store nearby me and would liike to get the phone first thing Saturday morning, my only obstacle is my upgrade date. I've been told that a managers approval can fix this problem, any help would be greatly appreciated.
    12:29:24 PM Brittain I understand Stanley, I can understand your anticipation and request as it is a great phone.
    12:30:23 PM Darwin D. I've been following the phone since it was announce back in Jan at the CES 09
    12:30:29 PM Brittain I am going to review your account and see what options we available to you.
    12:33:43 PM Brittain I apologize for the delay, one moment please.
    12:33:48 PM Darwin D. Thx.
    12:36:54 PM Brittain For this past cycle it was, however the cycles prior to that no.
    12:37:09 PM Brittain I apologize I pasted the wrong thing to you.
    12:37:33 PM Brittain I am checking with a member of management above me for this request now Stanley.
    12:37:43 PM Darwin D. Thank you.
    12:42:39 PM Brittain All right Stanley, I have requested the early upgrade for you.
    12:43:10 PM Darwin D. How/When will I know when it's all set?
    12:43:59 PM Brittain My team lead has allowed me to place Special instructions on the account stating to honor the full 150.00 upgrade early effective today.
    12:44:23 PM Brittain However the online system will not reflect this, the agent will have to manually apply this credit for you.
    12:44:39 PM Darwin D. Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate this.
    12:44:54 PM Brittain I am still checking for the mail in rebate and how that will be affected by this and if any special instructions will be required for that.
    12:49:49 PM Brittain So what I recommend is printing this chat if you are able, and then when you go to the store, advise them to look in the special instructions on the account and it will state the you are eligible for the full 150.00 upgrade credit and all the savings that come with it.
    12:51:04 PM Darwin D. Ok, will that only be viewable at sprint stores? or all others selling a pre like a Best Buy or a Radioshack?
    12:53:48 PM Brittain I believe that you will be best going to a sprint corporate store and speaking directly with the manager on duty and take the chat with you.
    12:54:23 PM Brittain Because this is going to be a highly anticipated phone in which it will be in limited release at first and in high demand, so there will be a lot of people trying to get it.
    12:54:42 PM Darwin D. OK, thanks for all the help, trully appreciate this. Thx a million
    12:55:09 PM Brittain You are quite welcome.
    12:55:09 PM Brittain It is my job to ensure that I have fully resolved the issues that prompted you to chat with me. Have I resolved all of your issues today?
    12:55:40 PM Darwin D. Yes, I'm all set. Thx
    12:55:54 PM Brittain Wonderful thank you, it has been a pleasure, and enjoy the rest of your day!
    12:55:59 PM Brittain We value your business and would appreciate you taking time to respond to a brief survey about your chat experience. To ensure you are able to participate, please disable all popup blockers before pressing the exit button to end the chat session. Additional feedback or comments regarding Sprint, your chat or chat agent can be sent to: sprint.customerappreciation @
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    DD007 -- Where did you get that online chat option?
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    go on instead of putting your SN and PW just hit go, you'll get an error message on the next page and look on your right and you'll see something that says " Got questions? click to chat"
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    DD007 -- No luck...tried to use almost the same wording that you did and they said that they can not adjust the Upgrade Date. No matter how hard I tried, no luck. :-(
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    keep on trying, I called customer service a few times and had no luck, but got it done today. so keep trying, someone will be willing to do it. Try to get them to let you chat to a manager or some one on the higher end.
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    With so few phones around at launch, they really want to structure things so as many new subs as possible can get it. Pulling a new sub away from another carrier does the most amount of financial good for Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikesm View Post
    With so few phones around at launch, they really want to structure things so as many new subs as possible can get it. Pulling a new sub away from another carrier does the most amount of financial good for Sprint.
    NO, it costs less to RETAIN a loyal, quality customer than to get a new one.
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