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    I don't think Omaha will have tons of people out to get one, but I agree with you. Its all about low stock numbers. I have a buddy that talked to a friend at the 72nd Street store and he said they will run out, but he wouldn't disclose how many they had. I would think 114th would get the most, but who knows. I don't want to go crazy early, but would be pretty upset if I did get there at 6 and still didn't get one because they only had 5 or so.
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    I can't help but wonder which location between 114th or 140th is a better stop. Which is likely to have less waiting due to location?

    I like 140th since it's closest, plus a best buy around the corner...kind of as a fall back, but 114th is a bit more inconvenient and not by a mall
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    Yeah I agree. I think I am going to the 140th store. I just don't know what time I am getting there. I guess between 5 and 6am. I don't think we should have a problem then.
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    You wont have a problem. I am planning to go to the Dodgle and 114th store around 7. I have good word that they have 40 Pre's
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    At a little after 7am there are 15 of us. I am #9
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    At a lil after 7 I am at the 140th and Center store and there are 16 people. Got here at 5:15 and I'm 3rd.
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    I showed up at 5 and there were 4 other people there. At about 7:30, a ton of folks showed up, maybe 30 and they all got Pre's. The rep said they'd be selling out, though.
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    I showed up at the LaVista store at about 7:45 and was number 17 in line... I assumed there wouldn't be many people lined up so I figured I'd show up at opening and it worked
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruedawg View Post
    The Millard Best Buy? I think they are getting the most, because they were the only store to have a demo phone. I still think we are better probably getting one at a sprint store.

    Somebody posted a website that had which Best Buys was getting the PRE and the only one that was on there was the Millard one. I don't know if has changed or not.

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    They let us in around 7:45, at that time there was around 30 people. The manager said that they should have enough for everybody. And that there was a 5 per account limit. He also said that all phones had to be activated on an account. He said "If you are here to buy one to sell on Ebay you might as well go home now."

    They had 9 registers so as I was # 9 I went in with the first group. Had a little problem with mine. The battery had to be charged a bit before we could proceed. But I was still out by 8:30. Looked to about a dozen still outside as I left. As I was leaving I drove by the Bestbuy which is about 3 blocks away, there appeared to be 7-8 people camped out there. I assume for the Pre.
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    If anyone is interested...

    Last Thursday I was in the 50th & O store so the repair guys could check out my Centro. I got to play a bit with the display unit & asked about availability. I was told they were still sold out & still running a waiting list. My contract isn't up till December, so I still have to live vicariously through y'all, but on the other hand maybe a lot of the bugs & kinks will be ironed out by then. I can't say for sure about the Pine Lake store, but would assume they are in the same boat.
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    The Lincoln, NE 50th and 'O' store is still out of them. I had to take mine back because of an earpiece speaker problem. They're replacing it, but I have to wait a week to 10 days for it to get here.

    Their waiting list is still at least a week long and they, "can't keep them in stock" because of the demand.
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