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    I am getting mine in Lexington at the store out by Hamburg Pavilion. Also haves family going to store on Preston Highway in Louisville to try. Anyone else?
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    Wow no other people in KY on Precentral. I need to get the word spread I guess. Tell your friends and family!
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    Hey, im located in Florence, KY getting mine at the Sprint store on Mall Rd.
    and oh

    G O B I G B L U E!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    here in the 'Ville! I'll be at the Highlands store bright and early Saturday am! Thinking in the 5:30/6 am range. I figure that should be good for one of the first 2 or 3 in line...???
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    Here is the Best Buy Inventory leak info that was posted for KY

    Location Avail On Hand TotalOnHand OnOrder In Transit 161 - FLORENCE KY 3 3 1 0
    259 - LEXINGTON KY 3 3 1 0
    333 - SHELBYVILLE KY 4 4 5 0
    335 - OUTER LOOP KY 8 8 10 0
    1010 - CLARKSVILLE IN 3 3 1 0
    1477 - HAMBURG PAVILLION KY 4 4 1 0

    For anyone not making it to a Sprint store hopefully BB is a nearby option for you.
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    I'm thinking stores in Louisville will have more lines. Going to my smaller town's franchise Sprint store outside of Louisville.. They've said they expect to sell out in couple of hours.
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    So was anyone in Ky lucky enough to get theirs today. I was unfortunately unable to retrieve my PRE goodness today to immediate economical distress. But my daughter is happier no so whats two weeks til payday again. Hope everyone got theirs and has updated them and enjoying!
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    I am in Lexington, but I went to Louisville to get mine because I needed 6 of them. I have a large corporate account and needed a few test ones for some heavy users.

    All I can say is WOW. 11 minutes into the store I set up my email to get from my exchange server and it downloaded my mail, contacts, tasks, calendar in 30 seconds....... Amazing
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    Glad to hear it. Any other great pruchase experiences?
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    Hey guys we need to get a kentucky theme for the PRE. I have been emailing all the sites to try and get them to make one. Do any of you know how to make one?
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    I am in Louisville. I just got my Pree 3 days ago from the Preston store.

    I have a question. I know there must be a way to convert/play DVD's on the pre. I tried using a program called DVDFab to convert a DVD to MPEG-4, then put it on my Pre......but it would not play. Can anyone help?
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    Louisville here
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    HOPKINSVILLE boyz. on the dvd, i don't know. I used doubletwist to convert and sync to my pre, and it did a good job coming from realplayer and divx. But converting from dvd format i'm not sure

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