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    Well, it's just after 5:30am, and I'm by myself here at the store in the Cherry Hill Mall. Hope my wife appreciates this.
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    I've arrived, and there are about 7-8 of us on line.
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    There are 10 of us now, and they just took our names.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smashclash View Post
    wow, 5!?!?! that's all!?!? that one isn't far from me but i'm thinking about heading over to the corporate store in turnersville tomorrow. hope to be there around 7:30AM.

    Yeah...just 5. He said he had been allotted 10 Pre's but he didn't know if they would sell. He was cursing himself for that because not he'd not be able to get more until tuesday.

    good luck!
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    I'm getting mine!
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    And, they have coffee and donuts. Mmmm, donuts.
    Working smoke detectors save lives.
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    Good luck to all in this thread....and yes I'm posting from my PRE.
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    Yep, I was by myself in Cherry Hill, at the Mall, till about 7:40. First in line, first to leave with the pre. Only about six people showed up altogether. Manager said she couldn't tell me how many they had in stock though.
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    I was at my local corporate store in Jersey and there was no one , I could have waited until 8 to go. I got there at 4:30 . Finally the 2nd person showed up at 6:00. 5 sprint workers showed up next at 6:30. and between 7-8am 4 more people showed up. WHen I left at 8:30 there were maybe 5 more people. so maybe 12people total by 8:30. I am exausted now, havent slept since 5am Friday. going on30 hours with no sleep lol.

    How did everyone in Jersey do ????
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    Got my pre Hamilton NJ VIP Sprint Store. Excellent customer service. The Rep really knew her stuff. Phone is excellent. Very Impressed. No long lines tho.
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    Went to the store in East Brunswick, got there around 7:15 and was the 6th one on line.
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    got to the Mays Landing store at 7am, was first in line and walked out of the store around 8:20am with the first Pre sold in Mays Landing! WhooHoo!

    they had about 50 Pre's and there were around 30 people in line when they opened the doors at 8am....
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    I woke up at 7:30am hungover from the night before, lol. But still made it to the Turnersville Sprint store and was #14 in line. They had 40 units that sold out that day from what I am told. Went back Monday to get car charger and they had NO accessories left except for that ugly clear plastic cover.
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    i didn't have a chance to hunt for one until sunday afternoon. every sprint store i called was sold out, but the second radio shack i called still had 1 left in-stock. so at 4:30 pm the day after launch i was walking out of a radio shack with my pre in-hand. i also had a similar experience finding the touchstone charger. radio shack FTW!
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