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    Post all the info from MA. Boston area and not only.... Want to hear where people will be camping.
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    Called up Downtown Crossing, Cambridgeside Galleria, and Boylston St stores yesterday.

    Downtown Crossing says it's opening at 10am still.
    Boylston St is opening at 8.
    Cambridgeside Galleria might be doing something early but they're not sure of their plans yet.
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    im on the south shore and looks like a few of the best buys are getting jsut a handfull, and the sprint stores should be getting more, especially if there in the malls like the south shore plaza and wastgate mall
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    i just wonder why there is not as much hype in boston as is in NYC or CA hmnmm

    store in Hingham is opening at 8 am
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    and also it looks from the BB leaked info that BB in Braintree will be getting only 3 PREs that suck I wonder how its gonna be with the BB store in dorchester 9 over there hmm...
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    From the looks of it the MA Best buys havn't gotten their shipments in yet. But the one in cambridge is apparently getting 9!!! i think thats gonna be me back up to my back up. Any one else in the Brighton area? Put my name on a pre-order list last week from the sprint store, but that was before the corporate said no lists, so now i don't know if that is legit. We will find out on saturday! Even if I dont' get one, I'm encouraged by the rumor that the stores will be replenished often.
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    I've got a circular route planned in Central, MA near worcester. The stores in Shrewsbury, Auburn, and Milbury all don't give out much info and the Auburn store isn't opening early (10am they said). I've got all their numbers written down, and their addresses - so I can make my loop if I strike out on the first try. I'm debating between Shrewsbury (full service, larger store) and the Milbury store as my starting point... can't decide.

    Either way, I hope to get one on launch day - anyone else out in this area?
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    i'm looking for somebody in Braintree area
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    I get the feelling that there isn't going to be as much craziness this saturday in boston as there are in other parts of the country. Just don't see many people with a MA tag or Boston tag on their profiles ... is that a bad assesment, or do people just not have their location listed?
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    I'm actually going over to the BB in south bay, hopefully I'll get one of those 9 they have available.
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    it looks like there is no big hype in boston for pre so for sure u will get one
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    I'll probably be at the Boylston Street store by around 7 AM on Saturday. When I called, they had no idea how many units they would be receiving initially. I asked the woman to whom I spoke whether they had been getting a lot of inquiries about the Pre, and she kind of laughed and said, "Oh yeah," with very strong emphasis.
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    so probably maybe 4 people called
    I called one store in braintree area Higham or something like that the guy had no clue how many of them they will have, he said that not a lot of people is asking it few maybe... and that there is no need for camping out but anyway i will be there at 7:30 so I will see and maybe get the phone first ;D
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    Have a tip from inside the store....Hingham has 100. High volume due to its location in the Derby Street Shoppes
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    so you are saying that I should be there early because of the shops? hmm i didn't think that in boston we have a high demand for pre
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    I dont think you should be there any later than 8...thats when I plan to be there.
    100 units is a lot, and its also in an area saturated with Sprint comment about volume was simply to note that they are getting so many units because it is a store in a high volume shopping area (especially on a Sat. Derby Street is soccer-mom central).
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    ok see you there before 8 am I will have a sign holding in front of me saying "en0x" hahaha (j/k)
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    Are any of these Sprint stores opening early? It's not listed on the website any more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by albertb View Post
    Are any of these Sprint stores opening early? It's not listed on the website any more.
    i think they all are ... aren't they?
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    The Boylston St one definitely is opening at 8, as is the Cambridgeside Galleria one. (Not entirely sure how that one is going to work because while I've never been there, I assume it's just a part of the mall.)
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