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    Went to the store at 18th and M around noon, and it took me over an hour to get set up with a Pre. I should've gotten lunch while I was waiting, but oh well.

    No Touchstones in stock; the guy helping me was hoping to get more in on Monday. I bought the leather case and he was nice enough to give me the 20% discount for buying two accessories at once, and will give me the discount for the Touchstone when I pick it up.

    ETA: I got the first phone in the shipment that arrived today, and my Pre is already running 1.02.
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    I guess N.Va people where fortunate. It wasn't that many in the Richmond area. I guess I get one someday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by iboost79 View Post
    The guys at the FO location were pretty chill and informative. I'm not sure what their inventory levels are going to be at launch. But I know the BB Mobile at FO, which is nowhere to be found on the BB website, is going have no more than 8.
    I stopped by the Adcomm store on 50 Saturday afternoon, but they were out by then.

    The corporate store IN Fair Oaks Mall had them until the one after mine, which was around 3PM or so.

    There were modest (3-5 person) lines, but they moved things along and the folks there were pretty efficient. They didn't force me through a walkthrough, as they were pretty busy, but if I had wanted one I'm sure their Pre advocate would have.

    I didn't get much confidence when I previously called the Tyson's corporate store a day or two before, and unlike Fair Oaks, they didn't even answer their phone during two tries today.
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    The adcomm store I went to actually had a fun surprise when I walked in. I heard a very familiar voice once I entered that was talking about the Pre and sure enough, when I was able to see the monitor screen, there was Dieter's review of the Pre playing in a continuous loop the entire time they were selling the phones.
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    Ok, NoVa peeps, who here has issues with their Pre? I called a local Corp. store and they pretty much brushed me off when I was telling them about my battery and network signal issues. I know those employees read these threads. I don't know what to do. Does Sprint Corp. stores impose a restock fee if you're returning the phone due to issues?
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    They won't charge you a restocking fee if you bought the Pre when you purchased the account and want to cancel the account as well. If you are returning it and plan on getting another phone they will charge you $35. I just purchased my phone from the DC Sprint store on 18th and M and made sure to ask that question.

    Hope it works out for you, I'm always pro-customer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by l1fe View Post
    Ended up having 40 at that location. I showed up at 4:30am and was #5 in line...of course, #15 didn't show up until 7:30am! Either way, I'm happy with my pre!!!
    Hey what's up?! Remember me....I was #4....tried pm'ing you but don't have high enough post count. Hope you like the phone....its great for me! - Ron
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    got mine last monday from BestBuy across from Springfield Mall for $99 w/2yr upgrade. i''m about 80% happy with it, i have about 3 weeks left to work out the kinks.
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