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    Anyone else out there planning to buy a Palm Pre in the Oklahoma City area?
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    its going to be sold out everywhere, so why u asking
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    I'm going to buy one the day it comes out because this crappy treo i have is acting stupid. Someone at radio shack said they aren't sure if they will have them the day they come out but if they do, it will be for $199 and you dont have to do the mail in rebate. They will give it to you the same day.
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    Me and a buddy have been going around and talking to a few stores seeing who would have one and who wouldn't. Basically, in the OKC area, non-corp stores will not have the pre on the 6th.

    I talked to a rep at a corp store and he said that unless I had signed up for the email registration on, I would not be able to buy the pre on the 6th, only people who have pre-registered would be able to....which I really dont understand how signing up for a mailing list is a good way at registering.

    No radioshacks in OK will have any pres for a while they have all said so far.

    Best buy have some, but they seemed like not very many.

    Let me know if your camping out or if anyone else is as I think my buddy and I might go camp out at the best buy on I-40 and macarthur or the sprint store at NW expressway & macarthur.

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