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    This came up on my Google Alert for the Palm Pre: Will Be Offering The New Palm Pre Cell Phone Starting June 6,*2009 - all things Pre - PreThinking. I call BS. Sure they might be taking orders on the 6th but when would the phone ship? One month, 6 months from the order date? Please someone who has experience with this company tell me I'm wrong. PLEASE!!!
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    I think it's BS too but if you go to the site it says on there that all phones are sold unlocked and without a contract. I would think that means they'll be selling it for $549 - not bad if you're going to turn around and sell it for double on ebay! I'll just stick to the original plan of waiting in line Saturday morning
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    Never heard of them. They are out of Brooklyn, NY. There is nothing on their website that advertises the Pre.
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