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    Right now I am trying to sell my Treo for extra money for my new phone. Since I need the extra cash and I want a new phone, I might as well make some extra cash off of it. Who else is planning, or already has sold their phone for extra money for the pre?
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    Nope. I don't know for sure that I will end up with or keep a Pre so I am holding on to my Touch Pro for at least the first 30 days. If I like the Pre better I will keep it and sell my nice shiny Touch Pro. If the Pre under-performs I can return it and reactivate my Touch Pro while I wait for a better phone to come out.
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    A couple of weeks after having my Pre..will put my 800w on sale.

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    If the Pre doesn't do it for me, then I'm probably switching to the iphone.

    Currently I am using the Touch Pro. I've used Windows Mobile for 5 years. Annoying crap like the hardware keyboard lag on a device with a 528mhz processor and 288mb of RAM wears very thin, even among a loyal user like I.
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    If the Pre doesn't do it for me then I will be disappointed but it is the best phone on the Sprint lineup IMO. The only phone I might remotely be interested in that I have heard of is the Samsung Dash.
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    I sold the 2g iPhone on ebay last week, been using a crappy old Nokia and cant wait to get the pre.

    If it sucks Ill return it and go with the new iPhone.
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    Selling my Treo 700p at Sprint. They have a thing called the 'Buy Back' plan, where certain phones can be sold to them and they credit your account. I will get $35.
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    they also have $35 for my Q9c. ill probably sell it to a friend for $100
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    Ya i'm giving my centro to sprint for $50
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    im letting go of my ipod touch 16gb and my samsung instinct. finally ill have all the functionality of both in one sexy package
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    I'm waiting until I know that the Pre will fit me. If i end up sticking with the Pre then I'll give my Iphone 3g to my best friends brother who has been wanting one.
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    I'm having Sprint "buy back" my Instinct for $50. And then I'm using my 25% off accessory S|P Coupon toward the Touchstone and having them charge it to my account...eventually I'll end up paying just $2.49 for it.
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    My iPhone is dating, yes. He's got an ad placed on Craigslist. He says it's "dating", but I think he's an "escort" because he'll go to anybody's house- he just wants to get $600 for his "time". ****.
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    My 755P will go on Craigslist the hour I get the Pre. If the Pre doesn't work out I'm getting a G1 or iPhone anyway. I don't think that will be the case though. Based on what a couple of people I know who've had a chance to play with it have told me, this will be my phone for at least the next year.
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    I'll be robbing a bank so I can get my 10 Pre's on the 6th.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    I'll be robbing a bank so I can get my 10 Pre's on the 6th.
    I'll join you if we both split the loot 50-50.

    Heck, it might be easier to just steal Pres from the dang truck!
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    My Blackberry 8900 is going on craigslist in a day or two. Hopefully I can meet someone Saturday afternoon to do the exchange!
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    I put my EnV2 on CL yesterday. I can't believe what such a crappy phone is selling for!
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    I've already picked up a couple of $50 centros on ebay to get me through to the verizon launch.
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    I've already posted my 755p (plus all my accessories) on eBay. Whatever Sprint's offering in their buy-back program will be way less than what I can get on my own.
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