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    ...What sucks is that I was given a replacement 755p for my 650 when it broke and they renewed my eligibility date. What gives?
    I've had the same thing happen in the past (which I really didn't think was fair because I replaced a phone under an insurance claim). I think a case like yours is one that retentions may be able to help with (not to get you a phone earlier than you'd otherwise be entitled to but to right the wrong about baving the date reset when you used your insurance to replace a broken handset).
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    I got lucky my 22 mos was up June 1st and on top of that they gave me $70 credit per phone line (I have 2) towards my bill for signing a new 2 yr agreement
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    I will be eligible in October too and been calling and going to sprint stores and getting the same answer (only eligible for $75), even though I am out of contract and on month to month plan. Is it possible to buy the phone with the full price now, and get the discounted phone in October and either sell the new one or the old one on ebay?
    I suspect that even if you buy the phone at full price, Sprint will likely consider the as a "handset purchase" meaning that your date for eligibility for $75/$150 discounts would be "reset" to the date of your purchase. I'm not sure about this: for instance: what would happen if your significant other purchased the phone but didn't activate it, and then sold/gave it you you and you did? If I were you' I'd call up Sprint and ask how a purchase at full price might affect your current discount status before actually taking this plunge.
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