View Poll Results: When will you be getting in line?

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  • The night before

    13 10.08%
  • Early morning

    67 51.94%
  • At/After opening time

    25 19.38%
  • After a few weeks

    22 17.05%
  • I'm already in line!

    2 1.55%
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    i'll be there at 10pm on friday for mines.
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    Probably head over about an hour before they open. If there's a line I'll get in it. If not, I'll grab a bite across the street and head over when they open. If by some unlikely chain of events there is a ridiculous line and they sell out then I'll just wait for the next batch. Getting to a Sprint store at 7 am or whatever is the limit of my dedication--mainly because I can still grab breakfast and do some shopping if I don't end up getting a new phone.
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    You know a month after the phone is released, and everyone who wants one has one, people who waited in line for the phone may realize they wasted N hours of their lives for nothing.
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    Store (mall kiosk) opens at 8, I'll be there at 6.
    After waiting 5 months, what's 2 hours?
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    I'll show up 15 min before opening time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SooHeartleSSss View Post
    i'll be there at 10pm on friday for mines.
    Wait, they're selling mines too? I thought it was just for the Pre...
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