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    Thanks for the info. Talked to Lincoln/Devon today and they seem to be well-stocked too. Good luck tomorrow everyone!
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    ok so i hate to be one of "those peeps" but i saw the post about someone getting into the LAsalle store tonight i thought i would try.

    I ran down and told them i talked to account services and they walked me right in...literally. I was # 21 to buy the Pre. I actually had to exchange my first one before i walked out as the slider was wobbley.

    Ill try to post a pic. Let me know if there are Q' still trying to figure this thing out.

    Good luck to everyone tomm and try to run down to Lasalle now to get in!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeh20 View Post
    Good luck to everyone tomm and try to run down to Lasalle now to get in!!!
    Thanks for the advice. Jumped in the car @ 10:59 pm and was parked in front of the Lasalle store by 11:30 (not bad from downtown Naperville).

    Got my pre, #93. They pretty much locked the doors behind me as I came in. Unfortunately they had problems switching my plan over so my phone couldn't be activated in store and I have to call in the morning. Oh well, at least I have a pre and don't have to deal with waitlists and/or lines.
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    thanks mikeh20! i hopped in a cab at 10pm to the LaSalle store and also had no problem getting one
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    I am so kicking myself for not going down there now...
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    are there lines in chicago?

    i'm curious what the demand is as the Lasalle store was a little quiet last night....they were expecting more peeps.
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    so how did everyone do? Easy to get? Lines?
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    Aurora/Route 59 store. I was #23 out of around 40 or 50 by the time I got in. There was a Palm rep there (actually via another company). He was letting us play with his Pre while waiting in line. They had 75 Pres available but apparently not too many touchstones. Full staffed, all registers running. They opened at 8 and I was out the door just after 9.

    The Best Buy down the street would apparently have 8 units to start.

    My Pre did not ship with the latest firmware; it's installing as I type this.

    Setting up GMail, corporate EAS, WiFi, and BlueTooth were all a snap as was the Palm account. Email & contact syncing are done. All of that plus setting up the Touchstone took about 25 minutes.

    I like it so far. The keyboard is a hair thinner than my now-displaced 700p and the gumminess on the key surface is something I think I'll actually prefer as I tend to type with my fingertips and the texture will keep my nails from slipping off the keys. The spacing and layout seem good and I'm really glad for the dedicated @ key and having _ available via shift v. alt.
    - Fushigi
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    my store (lincoln and irving) had about 25 in line and 15 pre's to sell. They didn't have touch stones so I went to other Sprint and best buys. They all had much longer lines than the store I was at. No touchstones sadly.
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    got to my local BB 20 minutes before it opened (10AM). i was 2nd in line. 15 minutes later i was gone. headed to my local sprint store and got the touchstone with my 25% off coupon. now my pre is charging on it and downloading the update.

    all in all, an awesome day.

    also, when the sprint rep (from the sprint store) asked where i got the phone, she didnt know BB was selling it. and when i told her how much i got it, it seemed she was astounded for how cheap (220 with tax) it was. lol. i was afraid she wouldnt let me use the 25% off coupon but she was a great rep and no trouble.
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    I was first in line at the store on Milwaukee and North - didn't intend to be, but there you have it! I WIN
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    Anyone know of some stores that still have some? I woke up really early but ended up mulling over if I should indeed change my legacy plan, and when I finally decided to give it a go it was already 10:30 and all the pres were sold out wherever I called

    In a way I am happy it is sold out because that might mean the pre will be a hit, but I am sad that I don't have one now
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    north/damen store still had some, at least as of 11:15
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    glad to hear the bucktown store did infact have a good supply!

    I was checking out accesorries at the Hancock BB today and overheard several people asking for the Pre with the response..."its going to take a while to get restocked on them."
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    I just got a call that the Rolling Meadows corporate store got 45 in for this morning. If you are in Chi town hurry up!.
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