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    Okay, so today I drove around the Knoxville, TN area to local Sprint retail stores and to see if I could find any details about the release of the Palm Pre in our area. The only thing I was able actually find out is that Knoxville is Getting 100 Pre's allocated (In which there are only about 12 Sprint store in the Knoxville area). Every store I went to gave me a completely different answer on the launch details for their store. Some said only our corporate store would be selling them, some said ya, we will have them, and one even told me "we will be displaying it on june 6th but we cant sell it till monday." so, I made my last stop the corporate store, and all I could get out of them was they where going to be selling the Pre on June 6th. They even where reluctant to tell me the store hours for June 6th. In which they said they would open at 8am on saturday. But, one thing I did notice was the corporate store was the only one that I visited that had any Palm Pre display's or sinage. so, in my own opinion I think that in our area the corporate store is the only one that actually knows anything as of this point, cause none of other stores gave a hint or would tell me that they had any pre's yet. I even have a friend who works in one of those stores and he is yet to see a pre darken his doors.
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    well, I have good sources with retailers in knoxville and the surrounding areas. So the 100 units for the area is probably just for the corporate location. Retailers get their phones from another warehouse. As far as I know, the stores im in with are going to have them on saturday, and they better cause im getting on. Let me know if you hear anything else, or if you have any questions!
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    See, my main thing is where in Knoxville, is going to be the best guarantee to get a Pre. Between my house and the corporate store, there are 5 sprint stores in which I could go to. So, my question is which should I go to?
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    the one in turkey creek, next to beef o'bradys and jimmy johns. or schaad rd. what part of k town are you in?
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    I actually live north of Knoxville in clinton. But schaad rd., oak ridge clinton hwy., or emory rd. stores are the closest to me.
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    any info on nashville??

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    ill let you know as soon as i know how many and what stores are getting them. the name of the retailer is Wireless Image. but schaad rd. is their location.
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    Ya, the store on schaad rd. is the store that said they are going to have the Pre in on saturday, but wont be up for sale till monday. But, thats one of the things that are hard for me to beleive, but hey it could happen. LoL
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    hmmm, I mean, I guess anything could happen. I haven't heard anything new but I should know something tomorrow. But if they have the pre saturday, it'll be for sale saturday.
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    My thoughts exactly. Why wait till monday?
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    I think its mainly they just haven't received any training/could be lazy and not read the launch material like they're supposed to. sooo... that being said, if your the kind of person that wants to set up your own pre, without all the 'ready now' bs, go to a retailer, not the corporate location. more info of stock hopefully tomorrow!
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    K, I converted to sprint from AT&T Right around the time of the Launch of the first Centro's. And was able to get one early and let me say I Love my phone!!!! I had always had faith in Palm, but when I got my Centro I really fell in love. LoL So, needless to say I want a Pre sooo...... bad it kills me, and doesn't help me any that I am a IT Technician.... with a strong interest in Linux.
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    I'm switching from verizon for this. It doesnt help that this phone has haunted my dreams on multiple occasions the past few weeks. 2 days!
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    oohhh..... I have been watching this phone daily ever since the CES..... Its crazy my girlfriend is calling me the biggest loser for how bad I want the Pre. She said she is going to laugh at me for getting it and she is going to laugh at me if I dont get one. LoL
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    hahaha, same with me. My girlfriend is the one who works at sprint and shes been tired of hearing about it from me for a while. I guess women just dont understand.
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    ohh... but I get a kick out of the fact that my Centro confuses my girlfriend, so I cant wait to see what the Pre does to her...... LoL She has already said she is hands off the phone cause it will only confuse her.
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    Well, I got some not so good news. Its not for sure, but most likely they aren't gonna have the pre at any of the wireless image locations saturday. I'm soooo bummed. But, theres still a chance. I guess I'll know for sure tomorrow
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    see, that is falling more in-line with the info that they wont be selling them till monday story!!!! BUT I pray not!!! If not, I might have to do a corporate store run........ and see I am watching my email closely for the rumored sprint premier customers early bird Pre sales. In which I really do hope that Sprint Premier Customers get the Pre before or over new customer, just cause thats me.... no offense or nothing... LoL
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    I just got some bad news. No pre for me. The area rep told my gf just a bit ago that only corporate and preferred retailers (best buy) would have it at first. As I thought this might happen, per releases of other big launches like the Instinct. So I guess you best bet would to go to the corporate store, the rep said people were already camping out, cause the west knox BB only has 3 and turkey creek BB has 2. This sucksssssss, I have been wanting this from 6 months and its pulled out from under me at the LAST second. Guess I'll be waiting for a few weeks, hopefully 2 or less.....
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    I just got my pre
    aaaahhhhhh........ Wave of Destruction!!!!
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