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    did you go to corp? how busy was it?
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    how is it?
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    Heck ya, I went to the corp. Store!!! I love it, my only complaint is the battery runs down quicker than my centro. They ran out of the touchstones so, they are shipping one to my house on tuesday.
    aaaahhhhhh........ Wave of Destruction!!!!
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    I swear, waiting lists are frustrating. However, perhaps more frustrating was the fact the corporate store in Knoxville (by west town) had two DEAD demos! I mean, you would think they could plug one in for heck's sake! When I asked about it, the snotty rep girl in the front became all off-put complaining that they weren't setting on their stones so they died. Hence, a reason to plug ONE of them in. Anyway, the delightful (really super nice) order reps at the back of the store told me it would be a week or two until I get my pre. Can't wait!!! Wish I could have played with one
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