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    Chalk up another one for customer service from Sprint. Idiots.
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    Just came from the location of a Launch party in the Dallas?ftworth area. Now I say location because I didn't get in the door.

    Now bear in mind I am a S|P customer..have been from it's inception..

    Pulled into the parking lot..they had valet parking..lots of sprint reps..and TONS of security..

    now I didn't use they Valet because I was on my motorcycle..and I'll be d***med if anybody but me park my baby..

    I walked up to the door..was met by a sprint rep..and a security gaurd who had clip board in hand...asked my name..I gave it...the checked their little list and said I wasn't on it..( and no.. I didn't get any email..was told about it from a rep at another store)

    at this point I could retentions..and asked why I didn't get an email or an invite to the party as I was a long time S|P customer)they didn't have an answer ( I didn't really expect that they would). at this point they went and got a store manager. I was told " "This was by invitation only..if your name is not on this specific list. I can't let you in"

    so my question is...what the **** good is it to be a S|P customer? what does it get me...nothing..oh..wait a minute..I get a free ringtone once in a while...yea...

    well Sprint customer service you stuck it to me again...
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    Final check of my email for tonight. I got to get to sleep. Too much to do tomorrow. Beside the Pre, I have my daughters birthday party tomorrow. It is going to be a long day. It is 10:15 PM eastern time and another 10 1/2 year premier customer who like a lot of other people with over 100 monthly bill, did not receive their email even though they followed the rules and signed up like everyone else. I am not feeling the love. At least my daughter still loves me.
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    Never got the email, can someone FWD it to me?
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    I just got the Email at 3:30 in the morning LOL.
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    Hahaha I just got my email while I'm out here camping in line already!
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    I just got the "Sprint Premier wait is over" email.
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    Did any one else notice our dosent say doors open at 8am? All i know is my store said email well here it is they better let me in.
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    lol same here just got it.
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    Just got the email too. Kinda last minute eh? LOL
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    Just got mine at 330a.....

    I just noticed, know mention of arriving at 8a. It just says to "hurry over".
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    Just got mine as well, only 15 hours later.
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    me, three...
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    I got mine at 3:20 AM, but mine said Sprint Premier wait is over, but no 8 AM on it. I guess I am not special enough.
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    just received the email, well 3 of them. One email to my premier connected email and 2 other emails that I signed up from the PRE signup.
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    My email arrived at 2:24 AM Central.

    Here is what it says

    The wait is over.

    You're among the first to know: the much anticipated Palm(R) Pre(TM)
    hits store shelves today. You'll have the power to do more than ever
    before with the network and plans that unleash the potential of the
    Pre. Only from Sprint. Only on the Now Network(TM).

    They'll go fast, so hurry to your local Sprint store.

    Find a store
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    Mine said, "As a select Premier customer you are entitled to be amongst the first to win a million dollars and have an all expense paid trip across the world." and then at the end it said, "remember you are "amongst the first" which means you totally are a shoe in to win, as long as you wait in line or pay us a lot of money", which I thought was weird. Anyone else get this?
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    i just got my email too. no mention of 8am yet i'm S/P. i hope they'll be open. i wonder if it's a regional thing or they randomly did the 8am emails?
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    my wife received the 8 am email yesterday, I received the regular premier customer email this morning, so I think they will open at 8 everywhere.
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